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  • Stiction: The Air Cylinder Problem That Wouldn't Go Away - Just Did
    The Airpel Air Cylinder does away with any perceptible stiction. And reduces running friction to exceedingly low levels. This gives it the unique ability to impart super smooth motion - motion smoother than any other air cylinder. Even at very low pressures. Even at very slow speeds. Even with very
  • Four Things Engineers Must Know About Locking Fasteners to Keep Their Products and Careers in the Fast Lane
    in the fast lane. 1) Focus on retaining fastener tension, not torque assembly methods. Bolt tension, which causes the bolt to stretch, is what actually keeps a joint together. Yet 90% of the torque applied to a bolted joint goes not into fastener tension, but into overcoming friction. This is one reason
  • Getting up to speed with wrap-spring clutch/brakes
    constant, repeatable, and independent of inertia or frictional load, provided the unit runs within its rated torque capacity. Conversely, start and stop times of a frictional clutch or brake (bottom) directly depend on load inertia and friction Machines that move loads to specified positions and hold them
  • Electrohydraulic Controls Boost Thermal Drilling
    Melting holes is sometimes a better option than drilling them. Thermal drilling relies on friction from a carbide bit to melt and extrude metal and form a hole. The process leaves a thicker lip around the edges of holes than with conventional drilling, providing more metal for stronger welds
  • Shepard Niles Hoist Specifications
    . Disassembled without disturbing. any other unit. ELECTRIC BRAKE LUBRICATION BEARINGS. Forced air-cooling design, direct acting disc The entire gear train is enclosed in The highest-grade anti-. type brake provides a torque rating of 150% an oil-tight case with sufficient friction sealed bearings
  • Speed Control of 3-Phase Induction Motor Using PIC18 Microcontrollers
    . If the motor. times the rated current. This high current is a result of. is overloaded for longer than recommended, then the. stator and rotor flux, the losses in the stator and rotor. motor may burn out. windings, and losses in the bearings due to friction. This. high starting current overcomes

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