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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
UT8070R-1 Global Industrial Florida Pneumatic Mfg Corp. Not Provided 3/8" Impact, 12000 Rpm, Handle Exhaust, Friction Ring, 300 Lbs. Max Torque
UT2025R Global Industrial Florida Pneumatic Mfg Corp. Not Provided 3/8" Impact, 11000 Rpm, Top Exhaust, Friction Ring, 70 Lbs. Max Torque

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  • Positioning with Constant Torque Friction Hinges
    Constant torque friction hinges can provide a cost and space efficient solution for positioning vertically or. horizontally mounted panels. Reell manufactures a wide variety of standard friction hinges, but more importantly,. we can develop a custom hinge specific to your application. REELL
  • The 'Friction Flaw' with Fastener Torque Settings Charts
    indicate whether a bolted joint is loose or tight with a clear, visible indicator that gradually darkens from bright red to black as the fastener is tightened. The 'Friction Flaw ' with Fastener Torque Settings Charts << SmartBolts Direct Tension Indicators. Home. About Us. Our Company. Success
  • Low Friction, Hard, and Corrosion Resistant (.pdf)
    and friction. New and improved deposition techniques have been developed over the last decade. These new treatments are becoming more and more common in power train and engine applications. In the case of the surface treatments required for decorative use, environment-friendly processes and materials
  • Make It Last: Maximizing the Service Life of Industrial Air and Spring Actuated Friction Clutches and Brakes
    Determining how long a friction clutch or brake will last has much to do with application. Cycle rates, revolutions per minute and the air pressure required to produce the torque to drive or stop the load are just a few of the considerations. Assuming the unit has been properly sized
  • Explaining The Mysteries Of Torque (.pdf)
    about the materials and the fastener as well as the tightening. process. This is because the torque is used to overcome friction as well as generating load. The amount of friction will depend on all of these things. If these conditions are not followed. during tightening, the joint
  • Coatings and Torque Tension
    even sense variations in bolt grade. The next best level of assurance, would be in torque control measurement devices. These latter are good but cannot read variations in joint resiliency, coefficients of friction or define bolt grade. Dynamic Coatings, Inc. - Coatings and Torque Tension. Site Map
  • A Guide To Torque Values (.pdf)
    to torque values, the following basic assumptions have been made: (a). bolts and nuts are new, standard finish, uncoated and not lubricated*. (b). the load will be 90% of the bolt yield strength. (c). the coefficient of friction (µ) is 0.14. (d). the final tightening sequence is achieved smoothly
  • Why Tension, NOT Torque?
    , or automatic torque cutoff tools. These traditional methods have a well-known drawback - for a given torque there can be large variations in the actual tension produced by these techniques. About 90% of the torque force applied to a fastener is to overcome friction.  The friction factor varies

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