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    Roof Hatches and Floor Hatches - (72 companies)
    Compression springs are used to open and close the roof hatch. A hold-open arm enables maintenance personnel to keep the cover in position. Latches for roof hatches have an inside handle and locks on both the inside and outside. Acrylic domes... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Roof Curbs-Image
    Roof Curbs - (45 companies) consider. As their name suggests, pitch curbs or pitched curbs are designed to be mounted on pitched roofs. Models include peak-mounted and double-pitched styles. Skylight roof curbs come in both loose-clip and cricket styles. They are built... Learn More
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    Roof Coatings - (104 companies)
    Roof coatings are waterproof, protective layers used in environments where wind, rain, snow and other precipitation can damage a building 's roof. Typical applications include warehouses, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, and commercial... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Roof Vents and Ventilators - (42 companies)
    Roof vents and ventilators are devices used to exhaust unwanted humidity or heat from below a building's roof. Roof vents and ventilators are devices meant to exhaust superfluous heat and humidty from the building or structure below. Circulating... Learn More
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    Roof Supports (mining) - (15 companies)
    Roof supports provide a means of temporary supporting overburden in longwall mining operations. Also referred to as powered roof supports or hydraulic chocks or shields, they are used in sets to stabilize and advance longwall systems across the face... Learn More
  • Roof and Floor Trusses - (198 companies)
    ...symmetrical truss for supporting large, sloping roofs. The flat truss or parallel chord truss has parallel top and bottom chords. A component of a hip roof system, the hip truss has an eave line which extends to the same level around all sides... Learn More
  • Roofing Services - (221 companies)
    Roofing Services Information. Roofing services install, repair, inspect and restore the roofs on commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. As the outer covering on the building 's uppermost part, a roof protects the structure from... Learn More
  • Pultrusion Services - (23 companies)
    Pultrusion Services Information. Pultrusion services produce fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) profiles such as rods, angles, tubes, and sheets by pulling fibers and resins through a heated die in a continuous process. Typically, pultruded products... Learn More
  • Rain Gutters and Downspouts - (31 companies)
    Rain gutters and downspouts form a system of channels that collect and divert water as it runs off a roof. These sytems protect structure foundations and prevents erosion by diverting the water away from the building. Rain gutters and downspouts... Learn More
  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) - (145 companies)
    ...available with cores made from agricultural fibers, such as wheat straw, which provide similar thermal and structural performance as the foam. SIPs are simple in design, with many advantages for walls and roofs. The insulation core acts as a web, while... Search by Specification | Learn More
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FFI was selected to design and supply an FRP cover to replace an existing peaked steel roof on a Fluid Equalization Basin at the San Diego Zoo. Fiberglass Fabricators, Inc. - Projects. Fiberglass Fabricators Inc. Over 50 Years of Experience Give Us a Call. 888-593-3552. Home...

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5.7.6. The inside fixed ladder provided for passage between the roof hatch Submitter: Sullivan D. Curran, Fiberglass Tank & Pipe Institute and tank
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