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Pyromation, Inc.

Pyromation carries programmable temperature transmitters that can be mounted in the temperature sensor assembly connection head, or surface mounted using a DIN rail mounting clip. They are PC programmable and convert various signals into a scaleable (4 to 20) mA analog output signal. We also carry transmitters programmable with Hart® protocol for various signal inputs. Depending on type, some of Pyromation's transmitters are UL recognized components and/or FM and CSA approved, including styles...

Data Connect Enterprise, Inc.
SCADA FSK QAM Async/Sync Modem

IG202T-R38 Multi-Standard Modem. Data Connect IG202T-R38. Multi-Standard Modem. The Data Connect IG202T-R38  is a Bell 202 frequency shift keyed (FSK) and quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) modem for asynchronous and synchronous data transmission in 300-3400 Hz voice. band. It is highly immune to interference and noise and permits extensive voice-band communication link utilization.The modem supports several international standards ITU V.21, V.23,  R.35, R.37, R.38A, R.38B,  ...

Status Instruments, Inc.
Thermocouple Transmitters

PUSH BUTTON TC Selection. PUSH BUTTON Ranging. Galvanically Isolated. Temperature Linear. Low Cost. 8 Standard Thermocouple Types. The SEM203TC is the latest in a series of temperature transmitters from Status Instruments that do not require a PC, trim pots, switches or jumpers in order to calibrate. Instead, the SEM203TC uses a simple push button on the unit to both select the thermocouple type and range the transmitter. The SEM203TC incorporates the latest digital technology assuring drift...