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  • Battery Fuel Measurement Using Delta-Sigma ADC Devices
    AN1156 Battery Fuel Measurement Using Delta-Sigma ADC Devices Today's integrated battery fuel gauging devices include Author: Youbok Lee, Ph.D. both the ADC and the control logic circuits. The feature Microchip Technology Inc. sets for these devices are still evolving to meet general application
  • Fuel Cell Stack Assembly
    The I-Scan (R) force and pressure measurement system is an important research and development tool for fuel cell design. In a fuel cell, numerous thin plates are stacked in close proximity to separate the flows of hydrogen or hydrocarbons and oxygen. Maintaining and improving the uniformity
  • Fewer trips for the fuel truck
    Developments debuted at the Paris Air Show put airliners on a track toward flying more passengers while using less fuel. "It really was way ahead of its time. " We're talking about the Piaggio Aero Industries P180, a perennial regular at the Paris Air Show. The Avanti is an 'efficiency machine
  • Flare Gas Measurement and Recovery of Fuel Feed Gas with Residual Oxygen Calorimetry
    This paper describes a flameless gas calorimeter that measures CARI Index, Wobbe Index, calorific value, and specific gravity in a real-time basis. The flare or fuel feed gases are oxidized in a catalytic converter and the residual oxygen from the reaction is correlated to the measurement
  • Humidity Measurement in Fuel Cell Technologies (.pdf)
    Investment in alternative fuel technologies for automobiles continues to gather pace as commercial viability becomes a reality. One of the leading technologies is fuel cells, which represents a huge step forward in fundamental technology even though it has been in existence for at least fifty years
  • Application: Fuel Tank Multiple Level Detection (.pdf)
    measure the fuel, some form of instrument must exist inside the fuel tank. To survive this environment and make accurate measurements is not an easy undertaking. To supply the reliability and assurance of accurate fuel readings, Reed Sensors are being widely used because they operate reliably
    ) that compares Fuel Sniffer methodology to GC-MS technique, and another case study which proves the Fuel Sniffer's ability to provide repeatable and accurate measurements among multiple samples.
  • Accurate Fuel Dilution in the Field Using the Q6000 FDM: A Comparison to Gas Chromatography
    The most widely accepted direct method for analyzing fuel dilution in lubricants is Gas. Chromatography (GC) according to ASTM methods D3524, D3525, and more recently, D7593.1-3 Other conventional measurement techniques for fuel dilution are indirect measurements which include viscosity, flash

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