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Parts by Number for Fuel Oil Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CP125EK Global Industrial L.B. White Co., Inc. Not Provided L.B. White ® Portable Kerosene Heater Tradesman K125, 125k Btu, # 1 Or # 2 Fuel Oil
12563 Global Industrial Marplat Co. Not Provided Beckett Fuel Oil Filter Replacement Cartridge-Complete W/ 2 Gaskets, 12563
265-1AM Global Industrial Mitco Manufacturing Not Provided Mitco 265-1am Felt Fuel Oil Filter Element, Replaces Edco & General Filters
3250 Global Industrial Hydrolevel Not Provided Fuel Smart Hydrostat ® Model 3250-Plus For Oil Fired Boiler, 120v
B4046 Global Industrial National Marker Company Not Provided Precoiled And Strap-On Pipe Marker - Fuel Oil
HC247 Global Industrial National Marker Company Not Provided Hazmat Container Labels - Fuel Oil
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  • Diesel Fuel Oil
    Across the world train transportation continues to be active. Every Locomotive Engine requires fuel. Every train yard should have refueling facilities. This requires pumps!! Blackmer GX and X model pumps are terrific at handling diesel fuels. Typically the viscosity is low (30-100 SSU). With zero
  • Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction of TPM, PM2.5, and SO2 From Natural Gas and Fuel Oil Fired Boiler Exhausts (.pdf)
    , and the end of pipe reduction of TPM, PM2.5, and SO2 were simultaneously measured during firing of natural gas and #2 fuel oil.
  • Fuel and Fuel Oil (Copyright Viking Pumps, Inc.)
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  • PHCo Lo-Density Fuel Oil Preheater
  • Maintaining a Reliable Fuel Oil Delivery Fleet - How Blackmer Pumps Can Increase Safety and Efficiency (.pdf)
    Invented in the late 1800s as an alternative to the inefficient "rotary" pumps of the time, sliding-vane technology has grown to become the leading pump technology anywhere that moving light liquids is a crucial part of the operation.
  • Magnetic Treatment of Diesel Fuel
    ) of heavy fuel oil particles. Diesel fuel exists in liquid and solid phases simultaneously. Particles are smaller than in heavy fuel oil, but similarly heterogeneous. These chemical characteristics, physical size of particles and other features of the fuel affect stability, filterability
  • Is "Dark Fuel" the same as "Bad Fuel" and can I still use it?
    all mechanical parts are in good operating condition, the cooling and lube systems are working, the lube oil is clean and there is a sufficient supply of clean air getting to the combustion chamber, a diesel engine or turbine could almost run forever. The only limiting factor is Fuel Quality. Dark
  • Diesel Fuel Application in Diamond Mines
    is also a hazardous material in. for Hoffer turbine flowmeters. To. the average viscosity of P40 diesel. terms of accidental release into the. date, Conflow has installed 25. fuel oil @15°C. environment and is often regulated. Hoffer turbine meters at the site for. as such by local jurisdictions
  • Choosing a Marine Vessel Fuel Management System
    be. ware stands up to heat, vibration and. modem connection allows vessels to. made accurately. fuel/oil/water spills found in an engine. send back real-time information for. Finally, it is helpful if the system can. room. Electronics should be housed in. invoicing purposes or to look for indi-. take
  • Heater Selection - Oil Heating
    . SAE 40. 255 SSU-up. 22. 40. 100. 5W. 105. (Drops to 80 at 210°F). SAE 50. 80-105 SSU at 210°F. Viscosity Can be Related Horizontally Only. Viscosities Base on 95 VI Single Grade Oils. #2 Fuel Oil 40 SSU at 100°F (Kerosene). #4 Fuel Oil 45-120 SSU at 100°F. Graph G-122S — Surface Temperatures of Oil

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