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  • Fuels and Fuel Products-Image
    Fuels and Fuel Products - (373 companies)
    Fuels and fuel products include gasoline, diesel oil, natural gas, propane, coal, fossil fuels, biofuels and other combustible fluids or materials. Fuels and fuel products include gasoline, diesel oil, coal, fossil fuels, biofuels, natural gases... Learn More
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    Pressure Sensors - (1083 companies)
    ...regardless of local atmospheric pressure. The same sensor can be used for all three types of pressure measurement; only the references differ. Image Credit: sensorsmag. Engineering Units. Pressure is a measure of force per unit area. A variety of units... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pressure Transmitters-Image
    Pressure Transmitters - (623 companies)
    ...of performing various pressure measurements and displaying amounts in different units. Absolute pressure is a pressure measurement that is relative to a perfect vacuum. Typically, vacuum pressures are lower than the atmospheric pressure. Gage pressure, the most... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Level Gauges - (299 companies)
    ...a direct fuel level reading for vehicles and equipment. The two main parts of a fuel gauge are the sender and the gauge. The sender measures the fuel level in the tank and the gauge displays the level to the user. The sending unit measures the fuel once... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fuel Dispensing Equipment-Image
    Fuel Dispensing Equipment - (93 companies) systems consist of control panels, dispensers and dispensing units, fuel switches, nozzles, pumps, valves, and pump motors. Within each category, there are many types of fuel dispensing equipment. For example, there are many types of fueling... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fuel Injectors - (10 companies)
    Fuel injectors dispense a fuel mist into an engine and can be controlled to deliver precise amounts of fuel at specified time intervals. Learn More
  • Fuel Additives - (210 companies)
    Fuel additives are chemical substances that are added to gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other fuels to impart or improve certain properties. There are many different types of products. Common types of fuel additives include acetone, ether, nitrous... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Buoys and Floats - (66 companies)
    ...observation. Weather buoys are designed to measure air temperature, barometric pressure, and wind speed and direction. Typically, these buoys and floats report data via satellite phone networks and radio links. Unlike moored buoys, which remain... Learn More
  • Fuel Testers - (30 companies)
    Fuel testers analyze the properties and composition of biofuels, gasoline, diesel, and petroleum-based fuels and fuel feedstocks. Product specifications include tested fuel type, device features, and properties analyzed. Some fuel testers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fuel Cells - (139 companies)
    Fuel cells produce electricity and heat electrochemically by combining oxygen from the air with a fuel, preferably hydrogen, from methanol, natural gas, or petroleum. Reformers are often used in conjunction with fuel cells. Fuel cells and fuel cell... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Intergalactic Drive Technologies. Kessler Kranes. Life Optics Varioscope. New Drive-In Cinema. Ocean Fliming. Panoramic View. Preston Cinema Motorized Lens. Telescope Motion Control. TV Cameras. Aerospace and Defense. Automatic Window Shade. Compact Servo Motors Power Recon Devices. Electronic Fuel Injection...

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