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  • Guidebook to Function Generators (.pdf)
    One of the most common methods of troubleshooting defective audio equipment is to inject a signal from a function generator at the input of the device under test. An oscilloscope is then used to check the output at each stage, starting nearest the input and moving toward the output.
  • Sleep Mode For Function Generators
    Function Generators FG4024 and FG4048 can be put in sleep mode by transmitting all zeros to the serial DATA input. This is done by pulling up the LATCH input to a logic '1” and holding it high. The CLOCK signal can be removed or left active during sleep mode as shown in Figure 1. The sleep mode
  • A New Breed of VXIbus Microwave Signal Generator Architecture (.pdf)
    Microwave signal generators perform their frequency generation function by employing any number of direct and/or indirect frequency synthesis technologies.Frequency synthesis may be defined as a process by which a set of frequencies with predefined upper and lower bounds may be generated from
  • High-Efficiency Operation of an Hybrid Electric Vehicle Starter/Generator Over Road Profiles
    Efficient operation of induction motor starter/alternator systems is an important part of the power-management function that is required in the self-contained vehicular environment. However, the nonlinear dynamics of the induction motor [1], parameter sensitivity to environmental factors, load
  • Creating a Signal File Library for the CompuGen 1100 with ASC2SIG.EXE
    The CompuGen 1100, Gage's 12 bit, 80 MHz D/A and ARB card, can be used to create highly complex patterns. Gage provides a basic standalone utility for use with the CG1100 called CompuGen for Windows, or CGWin. CGWin has a built-in function generator module which gives the user the bread-and-butter
  • S-Curve Motion Profile Generator for Contour Mode using Excel (.pdf)
    at the acceleration vs. time graphs. In a standard trapezoidal motion profile, the acceleration vs. time graph is essentially a "step" function. In an s-curve profile, the acceleration vs. time graph is a or possibly a trapezoid.
  • Prime/Continuous Power vs. Standby/Backup Power
    Continuous and prime power generators are very similar as they function as the main source of power and are designed to operate continuously or for extended periods of time. The major difference between the two is that continuous generator sets are designed to operate continually with a consistent
  • Good Solid Modeling, Bad FEA
    , and an understanding of inherent limitations. A few practical examples demonstrate why using unmodified CAD geometry for FEA can lead to erroneous results. Automeshing is a purely geometric function. The mesh generator simply fills up the available space with elements because it knows nothing about

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