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  • Supplier: Inspec Inc.

    Description: We are experts in calibrating and repairing electronic precision test and measurement equipment. We provide quick turnaround on all quotes and 5 day turnaround for in-house calibrations. We can also provide emergency 1-2 day turnaround with our priority calibration service. Calibrated equipment

    • Services Offered: Bench Repair (Off-site), Field / On-site Repair  , Calibration Service, Calibration Documentation, Installation / Start-up, OEM / Warranty Authorized Shop, Pick-up and Delivery, Preventative Maintenance / Service Contracts, Rapid Turnaround, Remanufacturing / Complete Rebuild, Rental
    • Electrical / Electronic Test: Analyzers, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), Data / Chart Recorder, Data / Chart Recorder, Multimeter / Electrical Meters, Generators (Function, Pulse, etc.), Oscilloscopes / Scopes, Power Supplies / Amplifiers, Specialty / Other
    • Process / Laboratory: Flow Instruments, Force Instruments, Furnaces / Ovens, Humidity / Moisture Instruments, Pressure / Vacuum Instruments, Temperature Instruments, Vacuum Instruments
    • Inspection / NDT: Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Dimensional Gages / Instruments, Hardness Testers, Materials Testing Equipment, Microscopes / Optical Instruments, Probes / Styli, Video / Imaging Equipment

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  • Supplier: Inspec Inc.

    Description: Inspec, Inc. provides calibration services for a wide range of electronic precision test and measurement equipment including: Multimeters Oscilloscopes Clamp-On Meters Force Gages Lab Scales Panel Meters Frequency Counters Infrared Thermometers Temperature Controllers Thermocouple / RTD

    • Capabilities: Analyzers, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Dimensional Gages / Instruments, Electrical and Electronic Test, Environmental Test Chambers, Flow Instruments, Force, Weight, or Torque Instruments, Generators (Function, Pulse, etc.), Hardness Testers, Inspection
    • Services: Rebuild, Rental / Lease, Replacement / Exchange Program, Product Sales - Used / Refurbished, Product Sales - New, Spare Parts Inventory, Troubleshooting and Repair, Upgrade Service
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Midwest US Only

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  • Description: Newest to the line; MMG 120 generator; is packed with 3-phase power at 133kVA, highly mobile and sized to fit most applications for rental, construction and oil industry. The new MMG 120 generator boasts a 342 gallon fuel tank with run times of approximate 46 hours providing true around the clock

    • Fuel Type: Diesel
    • Portability: Portable
    • Phase: AC Single Phase Power, AC Three Phase Power
    • Applications: Agriculture, Construction, Industrial, Power, Standby

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  • Description: phase prime power output and four 1000 watt metal halide lights with illumination up to 5-7 acres. 360 degree rotation capability of the mast and light fixtures allow flexibility for light focus. The MLT4250; one unit providing multiple functions is the best solution for your rental/construction needs

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  • Description: We repair many types of industrial electronic equipment, including Drives, Counters, Timers, PLC's, power supplies, UPS's, Ionizers, Static Charge power supplies, soft starts, loop controls, temperature controls, industrial LAN devices, hubs, bridges, high pressure lighting, highway safety messaging

    • Equipment Repaired: Acoustic Sensors / Microphones, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), Data Acquisition / Signal Conditioning, Data / Chart Recorders, Displays / Panel Meters, Electrical Testers, Generators (Function, Pulse, etc.), Industrial Computers, Machine Controllers, Motor Drives & Controllers, Multimeters
    • Specialty Instruments: Avionics / Navigational Instruments, Calibration Instrument, Fiber Optic / Lightwave Instruments, Laboratory Instrumentation / Equipment, Marine Instruments, Medical / Biotech Instruments, Surveying / Geophysical Instruments, Vehicular / Automotive Instruments, Other Specialty Instruments
    • Services: Bench / Off-site, Field / On-site, Calibration Service, Installation / Start-up, OEM / Warranty Authorized Shop, Pick-up and Delivery, Preventative Maintenance / Service Contracts, Remanufacturing / Complete Rebuild, Rental / Lease, Replacement / Exchange Program, Product Sales - Used
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Southern US Only

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