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  • Temperature Specmanship and Selecting Power Inductors
    . Will the inductor you chose work?. Microsoft Word - Temperature Specmanship and Selecting Power Inductors#1.doc. Temperature Specmanship and Selecting Power Inductors. By Jamie Hopper. Senior Applications Engineer. Datatronic Distribution, Inc. How many datasheets have we, as engineers, reviewed and all
    DEFINITIONS AND MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES FOR TRANSFORMERS AND INDUCTORS. Microsoft Word - Glossary of Terminology.doc. DEFINITIONS AND MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES FOR TRANSFORMERS AND INDUCTORS. Open Circuit Inductance (OCL). The Open Circuit Inductance of a transformer is determined by the core
  • Optimize Power Factor Correction Inductors
    Efficient Design Considerations. PFC Inductors Design Considerations. PFC Inductor Checklist. Reactor Design Considerations. Power Toroid Checklist. Current Transformers Design Considerations. Optimize Power Factor Correction Inductors. News. Room. Press Releases. Application Articles. Product Releases
  • Sleep Mode For Function Generators
    . FIGURE 4. Application Note FG-001 FG4024 & FG4048 FUNCTION GENERATORS FG40_AN01_REV05.PDF. SHEET 2 OF 4. REDUCING AUXILIARY POWER OUTPUT RIPPLE. To further reduce the output ripple of the auxiliary. Kemet series T494. The 10µH inductors are Dale series. output voltages to less than 10mV pk-pk required
  • Technicalities
    components include resistors, capacitors. and inductors. ● All the data listed are for your reference only, Erocore reserves the right to alter or revise the specifications without prior notification. IMPEDANCE. The impedance of an inductor is the total resistance to the flow of current, including the AC
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies and their Magnetics
    because of its size compared to the others, the Output Inductors, the Input Inductors and the Current Sense Transformer, each with its own important function. Microsoft Word - Don Braman article.doc Switch Mode Power Supplies and. their Magnetics. Many factors must be considered by. by Don Braman
  • Quality Factor (Q)
    (also known as the 'quality factor') of an inductor is a measure of the relative losses in the inductor. It is technically defined as the ratio of inductive reactance to the effective resistance, or XL/Re. Since both XL and Re are functions of frequency, the test frequency must be given when
  • Lumped Element (LC) Filters (.pdf)
    increased over the years thanks to the. development of ferrite materials used to manufacture inductors and the dielectric. materials used in capacitors. As a result, high inductor Q factors can be achieved in. smaller sizes than with earlier designs. ©Copyright 2009. Anatech Electronics, Inc. 70

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