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  • How To Select a Furnace for Batch Glass Melting Applications
    The most important characteristic of any glass melt furnace is that the lining be able to withstand the highly corrosive fumes frequently generated by glass chemistry at high temperatures. High alumina ceramic for temperatures up to 1700 deg C and cast zirconia for temperatures from 1800 to 2000
  • Maintenance for Energy Efficiency (.pdf)
    insulation provides many heat-saving benefits, it needs to be maintained and repaired during service. Rather than haphazardly replacing materials, it is better to first conduct a thorough evaluation of the furnace lining condition. CRI-Maintenance-Thermal C.indd FEATURE | Ceramics
  • Carbon
    a protective coating must be used in reducing or vacuum atmospheres to prevent oxidation at elevated temperatures. Depending on the purity, density and crystal structure carbon is used for refractory linings, industrial crucibles, arc furnace electrodes, analytical labware, composites, refractory cements
  • Boron Nitride
    . Depending on the purity, density and crystal structure, boron nitride is used for refractory linings, industrial crucibles, arc furnace electrodes, analytical labware, composites, refractory cements and super abrasives. Hexagonal BN is structurally weak and used as a high temperature lubricant
  • Treatment of Aluminum for Improved Foundry Products
    in lost production. One foundry reported only twelve months of brick life using only mechanical cleaning without flux. His furnace re-builder would only guarantee the lining if he followed a regular fluxing and cleaning schedule. Without fluxing the metal is contaminated with oxides more severely
  • Case Study: power plant solves a feeding problem by installing ceramic-lined rotary feeders
    megawatts of electricity. the first supplier’s. for use by consumers in the surrounding area. To maintain. EPA air-quality standards and regulate furnace emissions,. ceramic-lined. the plant uses a dilute-phase pressure pneumatic conveying. rotary valves vastly. system to inject pulverized limestone
  • Reference Guide: Typical Products Metered
    Compound. 42. Fluoride (Liquid). 62. Flue Dust. 80. Fluorspar. 98. Fly Ash. 65-81. Foaming Agent. 34. Fragrance (Powder). 17. Fragrance (Liquid). 62. Frosting Mix. 38. Fuel Additives. 30. Fullers Earth. 35. Fumaric Acid. 56. Fungicide. 26. Furnace Dust. 58. G – H. PRODUCT or MATERIAL. BULK DENSITY

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