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Parts by Number for Fuse Chip Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FUSE 1A CHIP National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
CHIP FUSE 4A 32V 046 ASAP Semiconductor AMP Not Provided CHIP FUSE 4A 32V 0467004
CHIP FUSE-1A 63V 120 ASAP Semiconductor TI Not Provided Not Provided
FUSE 5HFP 500MA 250V ASAP Semiconductor CAP FCD CER CHIP 1.ONF 1 Not Provided 0650-0500-16

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  • 6.09: Crucial Tech
    figured out how to fuse medicine with polymers to form an ingestible solid pill that disintegrates much more slowly than today's gelatin capsules. A single pill can dispense medicine for a year or longer. Langer's polymers can aid in everything from endometriosis treatments to brain-cancer therapies
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Suited for fuse welding and tipping operations, this line of forming mandrels comprises lengths up to 3.66 m. The wires are offered in sizes ranging from 0.127 to 0.178 mm in diameter, and the fluoropolymer coating can be applied in a layer 0.00127 to 0.02032 mm thick. (Equipment News) Recent
  • High Speed Transmission Equipment (.pdf)
    . For ATUs not. isolated from earth ground, reference the HDSL protection topology. 0461 1.25. TIP. ADSL. chip set. P3500SC MC. RING. Figure 3.8 ADSL Protection. Component Selection. The P3500SC MC SIDACtor device and 0461 1.25 TeleLink fuse were chosen to protect. the ATUs because both components meet GR
  • ESD Protection USB 1.1 Data Lines (.pdf)
    ) device 1206L150, is shown to. GND. limit current flow into VBUS. This. device is also known in the industry. Shield. Signal. as a resettable fuse. USB1.1. Ground. Ground. powered ports require over current. Figure 2. Protecting a USB 1.1 port with the SP0503BAHT. protection to protect VBUS during
  • Medical Device Link .
    factors of performance. Small MEMS parts seem to fuse together at the slightest touch, and basic design margins shrink to almost nothing, thereby increasing the likelihood of errors or failures. Further, products that incorporate microscale devices tend to have a greater number of components
  • Surge Filter Recommendations for 50W up to 200W Modules
    device supresses. of current if the applied voltage exceeds its breakdown. the initial spike that the MOV cannot dampen. threshold. D1. L1. F1. LMC1. C2. C6. D2. R1. C4. C8. C9. C1. C7. C3. D3. L2. R1 ........................ : Little fuse V150ZA8. F1* .......................: Please adjust fuse
  • Building a Better Battery
    the cost of a standard lithium-ion battery. "It's an extremely unstable system, and so you need a voltage limiter, a current fuse, and a third safety system, which is actually internal to the battery. It's called a separator, which physically separates the battery to prevent thermal runaway." The first
  • The ABCs of MOVs (.pdf)
    listed, including LA and PA. series types. Check the latest copy of the Littelfuse. Failure of Device and Fuse Selection. 10-47. Application Note 9311. Q. How does an MOV fail?. Letter . . . . These two letters (LA, DB, PA, etc.) corre-. A. When subjected to stresses above its ratings, an MOV. spond

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