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  • Description: Fused silica is a noncrystalline (glass) form of silicon dioxide (quartz, sand). Typical of glasses, it lacks long range order in its atomic structure. It’s highly cross linked three dimensional structure gives rise to it’s high use temperature and low thermal expansion coefficient

    • Silicate and Clay Based Material Type: Silica / Fused Silica
    • Shape / Form: Fabricated / Custom Shape
    • Performance Features: Dielectric / Electrically Insulating

  • Description: San Jose Delta performs precision machining, grinding and polishing services on ceramics, Macor-Machinable Glass Ceramic by Corning, Beryllium Oxide, Quartz and other hard and ceramic like materials.

    • Silicate and Clay Based Material Type: Quartz
    • Shape / Form: Rod Stock, Tube Stock, Fabricated / Custom Shape, Bar Stock
    • Compressive / Crushing Strength: 160000 psi
    • Modulus of Elasticity: 1.04E7 psi

  • Supplier: IRD Glass

    Description: IRD Glass is a World Class Supplier of precision glass, optical and ceramic components. For over twenty five years, IRD Glass has served the aerospace, defense, sensor, machine vision, laser, technical glass, optical, process control and medical industries (to name just a few). Their clients

    • Fabrication Services: Design Assistance, Glass Part Fabrication, Glass Cutting / Profiling, Material Selection, Photomask Fabrication, Inspection / Testing, Specialty / Other
    • Processes: Grinding / Beveling, Machining
    • Size Capabilities: 0.3150 to 20 inch
    • Materials Processed: Aluminosilicate, Borosilicate, Dichroic, Glass Ceramic, Silicate / Fused Silica, Soda Lime, Quartz, Fluoride Glass

  • Supplier: AccessOptics

    Description: array of coating options. Our special configurations include miniature lenses as well as rods, balls and cylindrical elements. Lens Materials Catalog Glasses: Schott, Ohara Economic, Equivalent-Index Glasses Fused Silica: UV Grade to IR Material Sapphire: Verneuil or single crystal; random

    • Lens Type: Other
    • Lens Application: Infrared, Visible, Ultraviolet
    • Materials: UV Grade Fused Silica
    • Surface Flatness: λ/4

  • Description: Homogenizing Rods are made from precision N-BK7 for use in a variety of visible light applications. Fused silica versions of our light pipe homogenizing rods are also available. TECHSPEC® Light Pipe Homogenizing Rod Mounts, specifically designed to hold our standard and fused silica families

    • Angle: Straight
    • Length: 3.94 inch
    • Core Material: Glass

  • Description: passing through the diameter of the rod lens will be focused into a line. N-BK7 and UV Fused Silica substrates are available for a variety of UV, Visible and NIR applications.

    • Length: 0.0394 inch
    • Materials: BK7 Glass
    • Surface Quality: 40-20 Scratch / Dig

  • Supplier: AccessOptics

    Description: and spectacular optical performance: Materials Catalog Glasses: Schott, Ohara Economic, Equivalent-Index Glasses Fused Silica Sapphire Infrared Materials Configurations Standard Configurations Wedges, Equilateral Right Angle, Penta Amici/Roof, Porro Rhomboid/Dove, Corner cube Prism

    • Prism Type: Penta
    • Largest Dimension: 0.0394 to 0.1969 inch
    • Prism Material: UV-grade Fused Silica
    • Reflective Coating: Yes

  • Description: APGC offers precision technical glass products including faceplates, prisms, filters, mirrors, lenses, circles, tubing, rods, micro sheets, conductive windows, molded blanks, sagged parts, and custom glass products. Glass Grinding Glass Cutting Glass Beveling & Chamfering Glass Drilling

    • Fabrication Services: Design Assistance, Glass Part Fabrication, Glass Cutting / Profiling, Glass Repair, Material Selection, Inspection / Testing, Supplies, Specialty / Other
    • Processes: Grinding / Beveling, Machining, Specialty / Other
    • Size Capabilities: 0.1181 to 12 inch
    • Materials Processed: Borosilicate, Dichroic, Glass Ceramic, Silicate / Fused Silica, Soda Lime, Quartz, Specialty / Other

  • Description: borosilicate, crown, soda lime, filters, quartz, fused silica, radiation shielding, X-ray, and other specialties. Laser Engraving and Marking American Precision Glass now offers custom laser marking, an ideal permanent marking solution on glass and ceramic parts, plates, lenses and other components.

    • Capabilities: Coatings, Design, Grinding and Polishing, High Volume Production, Prototyping, Sizing and Shaping
    • Optic Type: Filters, Laser Optics, Lenses, Mirrors, Prisms, Wedges, Windows
    • Substrate: Glass, Other
    • Wavelength: Ultraviolet, Visible, Infrared

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    PROPERTIES OF FUSED QUARTZ. Technical Glass Products: Properties of Fused Quartz. 440.639.6399. PRODUCTS. Fused Quartz Tubing. Fused Quartz Rod. Plates & Discs. Microscope Slides. Fused Quartz Joints. Fused Quartz Labware. Fused Quartz Wool & Felt. Opaque Labware. Fritted Discs
  • Solar Resistant Optical Fiber and Method
    , an exemplary method according to the present invention includes placing a starting glass rod 10 in a drawing chamber 12. Rod 10 can be made of fused silica or equivalent. Chamber 12 heats rod 10 to a suitable drawing temperature such as between 1900-2200 degrees Centigrade and drawing the thin
  • Materials Change Proves Winner for NASA
    to a fused silica material but needed precise machining to ensure accuracy. Precision machined sapphire windows, wafers, rods & parts - Insaco. Home. About Insaco (R). Materials. Applications. Online Video. Contact Us. Our Sales Staff. Designer's Guide. Directions. Materials change proves winner for NASA
  • Technical Background: Infrared Emitters (.pdf)
    . •good high temperature properties. •low thermal expansion. •chemical purity. •chemical resistance. •low hysteresis. Technical Information, Heraeus Noblelight. Heraeus Noblelight. Technical Background. Mechanical Data of Quartz Glass (Fused Silica). (at 20 °C). Characteristics. Fused silica. Unit

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