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Conduct Research using air as the etalon medium, this greatly reduces the change in index with temperture. The mirror spacing is now determined by spacers that may still be made from Fused Silica or by even more stable materials such as ULE or Zerodur. Air spaced etalons are significantly more complex since...

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Thorlabs - Mirror Blanks
Fabricated from fused silica, a material known to exhibit high transmission in the 185 nm to 2.1 ?m range (refer to the transmission graph to the
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Reducing the Cost (and Increasing the Availability) of...
the Cost (and Increasing the Availability) of Low-Expansion, Fused Glass Mirror Blanks Dr. Steven Connell ATK-Composite Optics, Inc. ATK Composite

Fused Quartz, Fused Silica and Precision machined optical...
Learn why AGI is the premier supplier of Cellular Telescope Mirror Blanks, Optical Glass, Fused Silica, Fused Quartz and Plate Glass
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Cellular Light Weight Mirror Blanks, Pyrex telescope mirrors,...
- Cellular Light Weight Telescope Mirror Blanks - Monolithic Telescope Mirror Blanks - Fused Quartz - Fused Silica - Optical Glass and Glass Ceramics
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Fused Silica Lightweight Mirror Blanks
The ability of the mirror to withstand mechanical and thermal loads is proved by measurements of surface distortion under mechanical load, during

Corning's Success with the Discovery Channel 4.3 Meter...
Corning's materials used in mirror blanks have evolved through the years from borosilicate glass Pyrex?, to fused silica, to today's low expansion

Optomechanical Technologies for Astronomy - SPIE Astronomical...
Corning 7972 ULE material for segmented and large monolithic mirror blanks


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Next message: [ATM Re: Fused Silica Mirror Blank was casting pyrex mirror blanks.

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