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Parts by Number for Gage Block Set Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
53-672-036 Global Industrial Fowler Not Provided Fowler ® Shop-Blox ® Rectangular Gage Block Set - 36 Piece
53-672-081 Global Industrial Fowler Not Provided Fowler ® Shop-Blox ® Rectangular Gage Block Set - 81 Piece
4102-36 Global Industrial Insize Usa Not Provided Insize Gage Block Set, 4102-36, Steel, Grade 0, 36/Set
4102-236 Global Industrial Insize Usa Not Provided Insize Gage Block Set, 4102-236, Steel, Grade 2, 36/Set
4102-136 Global Industrial Insize Usa Not Provided Insize Gage Block Set, 4102-136, Steel, Grade 1, 36/Set

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  • High Quality Strain Gage Load Cells
    sensors available for performing. mechanical measurements such as force, mass, pressure, tongue and displacement. Unfortunately, the strain gage’s apparent simplicity has encouraged worldwide. manufacture resulting in a broad range of strain gage quality. Poorly manufactured strain gages exhibit
  • Advances in Hand-Held Ultrasonic Thickness Gages with Live Color Waveforms (A-Scan) (.pdf)
    the thickness of the test. part, i.e. .250 in. Later gages offered additional innovative features such as probe. recognition and Automatic Gain Control (AGC). Probe recognition automatically sets up. the gage to match the electronics to the new transducer. AGC is a commonly used. function to automatically
  • The Adjustable Snap Gage is a Versatile Tool for Taking OD Measurements on the Shop Floor (.pdf)
    , accurate and economical. go/no-go snap gage is that it tells the. inches. The master disc or gage blocks. way of making such measurements is. operator nothing about the machining. used to set the reference with a snap. with an adjustable snap gage. process. The operator knows whether. gage
  • Squeezing the Most Life From a Zombie Technology
    the same next year and. they have been around so long. Source: Mahr Federal Inc. Care and feeding of gage BLoCks. It should be clear by now that gage. blocks will be with us for a consider-. able time to come. So if you have been. hesitating about buying a set, don’t. But neither must you buy the absolute
  • Comparative ID/OD Gaging
    measurement, these gages require a master to set a zero. and outside diameters. At the low end, a hole could be mea-. reference point. They also have relatively limited travel which allows. sured with a scale or a fixed go/no-go gage. At the other extreme, the use of high resolution dial or digital
  • Calibration Equipment: Justifying Your Purchase Decision
    inexpensive to purchase, require substantially more labor than direct reading units to operate properly. For example, it's possible to calibrate an 81-piece gage block set in less than one-and-a-half hours using a direct reading unit. This same task can be done in less than eight hours using comparators
  • Driving to the Finish (.pdf)
    align a portable. surface finish gage onto a short land without damaging. the sensitive probe is nearly impossible. Thus, the need for. dedicated hand gages to assist the operator in making these. important checks. Systems are available for each of these. major components. the enGine block
  • Ins and Outs of ID/OD Comparative Gaging
    environments, most ID/ODs can be accurately. 4 Benchtop gages are capable of higher precision than. measured using one of several varieties of comparator gage. portables. 4 The choice between benchtop and portable styles depends. 4 If the part is large or awkward to manipulate, or if it is set. mainly
  • Utilizing Laser Technology in Dimensional Metrology Applications
    include: · Why Labmaster® Instruments use Lasers. · Helium-Neon Laser and its Traceability. · Setting the Scale Factor (Mastering). · Re-Datum Frequency. · Recommended Master Gage Blocks and Ring Gages. · Uncertainty Analysis. · Time Study

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