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Parts by Number for Gage Block Set Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
53-672-036 Global Industrial Fowler Not Provided Fowler ® Shop-Blox ® Rectangular Gage Block Set - 36 Piece
53-672-081 Global Industrial Fowler Not Provided Fowler ® Shop-Blox ® Rectangular Gage Block Set - 81 Piece
4102-36 Global Industrial Insize Usa Not Provided Insize Gage Block Set, 4102-36, Steel, Grade 0, 36/Set
4102-236 Global Industrial Insize Usa Not Provided Insize Gage Block Set, 4102-236, Steel, Grade 2, 36/Set
4102-136 Global Industrial Insize Usa Not Provided Insize Gage Block Set, 4102-136, Steel, Grade 1, 36/Set

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    inexpensive to purchase, require substantially more labor than direct reading units to operate properly. For example, it's possible to calibrate an 81-piece gage block set in less than one-and-a-half hours using a direct reading unit. This same task can be done in less than eight hours using comparators
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    environments, most ID/ODs can be accurately. 4 Benchtop gages are capable of higher precision than. measured using one of several varieties of comparator gage. portables. 4 The choice between benchtop and portable styles depends. 4 If the part is large or awkward to manipulate, or if it is set. mainly
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    is fed back. numerous dimensions and geo-. If you could catch defects ear-. to the machine tool for offset compensation. No set. metric conditions while provid-. lier at various processes in the. of manual gages nor any number of inspectors were. ing feedback to machining cen-. machining cycle, you
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    part different characteristics. The cross sections of the. features are shown below, they are listed from least to most expensive (tooling cost not included). •. Formed – Low Cost – Used for thin gages, 18 gage and lighter. •. Punched – Low Cost – Most common, used for anything heavier than 18 gage
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