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  • Adjustable MM-Wave Gain Equalizers (.pdf)
    of the gain cor-. coaxial transmission line and its tran-. type equalizers for 26 to 40 GHz ap-. rection and the gain-equalizer form. sitions to 40 GHz 2.9 mm connectors. plications require the use of wide and. factor (some examples of which are. was optimized with the help of a 3-D. medium-band
  • Determination of the Oscillation Safety Factor (OSF)
    To ensure a reliable operation of a crystal oscillator circuit, the oscillation safety factor (OSF). is worth to take a closer look at. The oscillation safety factor (OSF) shows the feedback gain. margin of the oscillator amplifier for a worst case crystal according to its specification. Microsoft
  • Steam Humidification: Reducing Energy Use, Airstream Heat Gain, and Condensate Production
    strides toward measuring and improving the energy efficiency and water consumption of these building systems. Article_HPAC_0407_Insulated_Dispersion_Tubes.pdf Steam Humidification: Reducing Energy Use, Heat Gain, Condensate. Recent advances in steam-dispersion-. tube insulating materials
  • Construction Firms Gain Productivity through Extended Stick-Out Welding Procedures
    and puddles will grow out of control. Construction Firms Gain Productivity | Lincoln Electric. Live Chat. Lincoln Worldwide. Ask the Experts. Distributor Locator. Contact Us. Login/Register. Equipment. Stick Welders. TIG Welders. MIG Flux-Cored Welders. Multi-Process Welders. Advanced Process Welders
  • Five Critical Factors for Choosing Digital Image Capture Technology
    (digital numbers, also known as grayscale). resolution of 1 pixel/micrometer, then a maximum exposure of. Gain is another feature available within some cameras that can. 1/10,000 of a second would be required. How fast the exposure. provide various levels of responsiveness. The responsiveness
  • Easy Configuration-the Critical Factor in Choosing a Fieldbus Gateway
    maintain reliable communications between two Fieldubus systems. As many engineers know, integrating one network system into an existing system can cause a lot of hassles. Due to the fact that each Fieldbus protocol supports different features, it takes time and effort for engineers to gain
  • Rotary Encoders for Highly Dynamic Servo Drives (.pdf)
    machines and machine tools. The requirements regarding dynamics, speed stability and rigidity necessitate. ever increasing gain factors in the control loops. The position encoders used are an important factor in the control quality of the drive. The position resolution and the position error within
  • Digitization
    than 14 bits. For applications requiring higher speed and less dynamic range (i.e. video), 8- to 12-bit digitization is common. The higher the digital resolution, the slower the system throughput. Well depth, readout noise, and system gain are factors in determining the appropriate digitization. See
  • The Fear Factor vs. Open Communications
    , quality, safety and tech transfer, the thinking goes, and good things will happen. A growing number of pharmaceutical manufacturers are engaging operators and technicians, quality and training staffers in a dialogue concerning how operations might be improved. In the process, these companies gain
  • Cascading Application Information
    maximum is generally achievable. Noise Figure. The first stage noise figure F, will increase as shown by the equation to the left. F1 is the. uncascaded first stage noise factor, Fn is the Nth stage noise figure, and Gn is the gain of. the Nth stage amplifier. An amplifier with 3.0 dB noise figure

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