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  • TLD and Film Badges-Image
    TLD and Film Badges - (16 companies) or mitigation from harmful radiation, do not alert individuals when exposed to high dosages, and are not radioactive themselves. TLDs. TLDs are composed of phosphor crystals that measure ionizing radiation primarily by trapping propagated gamma... Learn More
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    UV Light Systems - (365 companies)
    ...400- 780nanometers), meaning that UV light is more energetic. Light Spectrum. Image Credit: Kellowin. The electromagnetic spectrum is a range of frequencies for electromagnetic radiation. It includes light waves from gamma rays to radio waves. Each... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Facility Management Services - (346 companies)
    Facility management services perform building operations and maintenance, project management, subcontractor management, energy management, budget planning, commissioning and de-commissioning services for buildings and facilities. Facility management... Learn More
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    Certification Services - (487 companies)
    Certification services include companies that test, inspect, register and/or certify products, components, equipment, instruments, processes, management systems or facilities. This area also includes organizations that evaluate, audit, assist, train... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Radiation Shielding - (69 companies)
    Radiation Shielding Information. Radiation shielding is used to block or attenuate the intensity of alpha particles (helium atoms), beta particles (electrons), X-ray radiation, and gamma radiation (energetic electromagnetic radiation). It reduces... Learn More
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    UV Disinfection and UVGI Sanitization Systems - (100 companies)
    UV disinfection and UVGI sanitization systems use ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to sanitize air, water, transparent materials, or surfaces. UV Disinfection and UVGI Sanitation Systems Information. UV disinfection and UVGI sanitization... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Plant Management Software - (71 companies)
    Plant management software is used to manage the daily activities and long-term operations of industrial facilities. Plant Management Software Information. Plant management software is used to manage the design, construction and operation... Learn More
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    Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services - (433 companies)
    Building cleaning and building maintenance services provide and perform building or facility cleaning and maintenance or repair on a daily, weekly, or ad hoc basis. Services can include office cleaning services, janitorial services, facilities... Learn More
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    Toll Processing Services - (454 companies)
    ...and liquid products, capacity is measured on a volume basis. Companies with laboratory or benchtop-scale capacities can process material quantities that do not exceed a few pounds or a few gallons. Pilot scale facilities perform small-scale production... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    X-ray Instruments and X-ray Systems - (282 companies)
    X-Ray Instruments and X-Ray Systems Information. X-ray instruments and X-ray systems use penetrating X-rays or gamma radiation to capture images of the internal structure of a part or finished product. The density and composition of the internal... Search by Specification | Learn More

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The Panel on Gamma and Electron Irradiation has recently published a Method for Statistical Process Control of Radiation Sterilisation Facilities. This is part of an ongoing programme of work on the utilisation of measurement uncertainty data and statistical methods. The task of producing...

According to the firm, a growing demand for EtO sterilization, which offers flexibility in product design and composition, prompted the company to expand. The firm also operates an EtO facility in Ireland, four gamma-irradiation plants, and an E-beam sterilization facility. For more information...

The conventional sterilization processes commonly used by medical device manufacturers EtO, steam, gas plasma, and gamma irradiation are proven technologies. By gauging the requirements of their products and doing cost comparisons for various methods, manufacturers settle on a sterilization process...

This article explores those changes and their effects over the past 25 years on the medical device sterilization market. In 1980, EtO was used for nearly 90% of all sterilized devices. At that time, only the largest manufacturers used either gamma or E-beam sterilization. Irradiation contractors were... integrated directly into an existing facility's processing line. The operator works from a remote terminal. Shown here are hamburgers; however, they could easily be replaced with boxes of mail, the machine is the same. The only difference between sterilizing medical equipment, eliminating pathogens in food... an EtO chamber system and controller. It costs less than one-fourth as much as gamma or E-beam equipment and facilities. Sterilization exposure times can range from as short as 3 minutes at 134 C to as long as 3 hours at 101 -111 C, depending upon the bioburden (see Table I). Hospitals use steam...

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