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  • It's a gas, gas, gas
    permeate the membrane, most of the nitrogen flows along the membrane fiber in a separate stream. Pressure-swing adsorption gas separation adsorbs oxygen over nitrogen using a carbon-molecular sieve (CMS). Gas cylinders and dewars are becoming relics thanks to the advent of gas-generation systems
  • Adsorption and Desorption Property Testers
    Adsorption / Desorption property testers are instruments or test equipment for adsorption and desorption studies. Adsorption is the physicochemical adhesion of a substance (liquid, gas, or dissolved solids sorbate) onto the surface of a solid or liquid. Adsorption results in the accumulation
  • Emission Control for Oil and Gas Plants
    , the well head natural gas needs to be treated to remove water, CO2, any sulfur compounds and heavy hydrocarbons before it is sent to the pipeline. The acid gases formed by CO2 and H2S are normally removed by amine adsorption. The amine must then be stripped of these acid gases in order
    Potassium Permanganate odoroxidant is a unique product for use in air purification. Consisting. of activated alumina and potassium permanganate, Potassium Permanganate destroys odors and. gas phase through the processes of absorption, adsorption, and chemical oxidation.
  • Capturing Organic Vapors from Non-Condensable Gases Using Activated Carbon Technology
    There are many established uses of vapor phase carbon adsorption technology in the chemical industry. The majority are to capture organic vapors from non-condensable gas streams, such as process exhausts. Other applications include process gas separations such as the removal of oxygen from air
  • Aromatics
    The aromatic content of gasoline determines many of its combustion properties. Since it also impacts the environmental characteristics of the fuel it is desirable to have accurate measurements of this parameter. The traditional analytical method for measuring aromatics is either gas chromatography
  • Coal Strategy and Boiler Optimization
    mandated by regulations. Phase II CAAA changes entailed a more complicated approach of fuel switching not only to lower sulfur coals, but also co-firing or seasonal firing of natural gas. Further complicating the picture was the regulatory implications of reducing NOx emissions. The reduction of NOx
  • U.S. and International Fuel Cell Patents | April 2003 FCT |
    ), Electrically powered coolant pump, Franz Pawellek, Frank Blaurock, and Peter Amm, GPM Gerate und Pumpenbau GmbH (DE). U.S. 6,612,830 (20030902), Anode gas burner for inert gas generation, method and apparatus, Jonathan D. Berry and Theodore R. Strickland, Precision Combustion, Inc. U.S. 6,613,106 (20030902

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