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  • New Generation of Premix Gas Blowers
    Dramatic improvements in the control and efficiency of gas burner systems is now possible with a new. generation of premix gas blowers recently introduced to the North American market. The premix gas blowers are for fixed or modulating gas-fired. burner systems rated up to 1,500,000 Btu/hr (~450 kW
  • Keeping it Clean
    A hot water booster heater uses a patented gas. burner to keep commer
  • Gas concentration measurement with thermal flow sensors
    , the heating value of the gas is of interest in gas metering. In gas burner appliances, the flame is optimized for efficiency and emission by controlling the mixing ratio of air and gas depending on the gas type. Generally, there is a need for exact gas concentration measurement in many gas handling
  • Engine Test Stand
    Commercial grade Turbo- Charger Test Stand and Pallet System (MCS/MA). Test utilizes piping system and gas burner to simulate engine/ turbo operation. Inspection rate of turbo unit at manufacturing site is 100%
  • Use of Natural Gas/Bunsen Burner within a Biological Safety Cabinet
    Bunsen burners within BSC's do present some inherent. problems and are not needed or recommended unless deemed absolutely necessary.
  • Landfill Waste Gas Abatement
    landfill gas purification processes. As we utilize our Venturi Burner Package to process the waste gas directly through the burner, we are able to reduce the size, and thus cost, of the oxidation system. In addition, the high-velocity burner array and turbulating baffles downstream of the burner
  • Application Note: Sensing Proof of Airflow in Gas-Fired Furnace (.pdf)
    Background Gas furnaces are required by the American Gas Association's American National Standard Institute (ANSI) for Gas-Fired Central Furnaces to provide "proof of airflow" in an induced draft or power burner. If the induced draft fan becomes inoperative on a furnace, the application prevents
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    . " Because the system operates without a gas burner or ignition device, no soot is generated. The laser sealer also produces fewer particles than gas burners and does not require permanent contamination monitoring. According to tests conducted by the firm comparing
  • U.S. and International Fuel Cell Patents | April 2003 FCT |
    ), Electrically powered coolant pump, Franz Pawellek, Frank Blaurock, and Peter Amm, GPM Gerate und Pumpenbau GmbH (DE). U.S. 6,612,830 (20030902), Anode gas burner for inert gas generation, method and apparatus, Jonathan D. Berry and Theodore R. Strickland, Precision Combustion, Inc. U.S. 6,613,106 (20030902
  • Your CFD problem may be simpler than you think
    engineers suspect the source of their problem is in one place when it's actually in another. " The clothes dryer, for example, had to mix a small stream of hot air from a gas burner together with a much larger flow of room-temperature air, and do it over a short distance. This "mixed " air then went

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  • Heating Systems Plant and Control
    … Wet-base and dry-base types 2.4 The burner 2.4.1 Function of the burner 2.4.2 Boiler fuels and the combustion process 2.4.3 Burner design 2.4.4 Atmospheric natural gas burners 2.4.5 Fan …
  • Innovation in Electric Arc Furnaces
    Developed by the authors design concepts of fuel-arc furnaces (FAF) with continuous scrap melting and its preheating up to 800 °C by powerful oxy- gas burners either on a conveyor or in a shaft are suggested.