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  • Gas Chromatography in Environmental Analysis (.pdf)
    non-polar generally eluting. Driscoll, John N. 2. Environmental Instrumentation. Wiley ( 2004) Ch 8. Gas Chromatography Chapter. readily. These phases are commonly used. packed or capillary column for a variety of. for the separation of permanent gases. analytes. The terminology in Table II
  • How to Convert from Helium to Hydrogen as a Carrier Gas in Gas Chromatography (.pdf)
    This How to Guide will take you though the steps necessary to convert from Helium to Hydrogen as a carrier gas for Gas Chromatography. The use of Hydrogen from an inhouse >generator will lead to considerable benefits in cost, safety and convenience in the laboratory
  • Chromatography Instruments
    of chromatography. Chromatography instruments can be defined as separation techniques involving mass-transfer between stationary and mobile phases. Gas chromatography is a technique used to separate volatile organic compounds. Gas chromatography columns (GC columns) are of two types: packed and capillary
  • Introduction to Gas Chromatography
    Analytical chemists that wish to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis on samples are often faced with situations that require separation of the compound(s) of interest from the bulk sample. While some types of analysis do not require this separation, many do. There are several methods
  • Chromatographic Separation
    and money by eliminating human. Chromatographic Separation, Size-Exclusion Chromatography, Ion Exchange Chromatography. English | Deutsch | Español. Home. About optek. Photometry. Products. Applications. Events. Contact Us. Documentation. Jobs. Life Sciences. Industrial & Specialty. Beverages & Brewing
  • Accurate Temperature Control for the Separation of Solvents from Liquid Samples (.pdf)
    As a widely used technique, the separation of one component from a liquid sample is integral to the medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical, chromatography and petrochemical fields. However, achieving such separations in a fast and accurate manner can prove problematic. Traditionally, this process has
  • Texas Instruments: Novel Separation Technique for the Analysis of Trace Levels of Atmospheric Contaminants in Inert Semiconductor Process Gases
    Low ppb detection limits for contamination in cylinder gases have been achieved with gas chromatography using a modified gas injection system and megabore capillary columns with a variety of detectors including mass spectrometry, atomic emissions, and discharge ionization. Components of interest
  • Selecting Makeup Gas for GC with FID (.pdf)
    When gas chromatography is employed for the detection of trace compounds, the characteristics of the carrier gas used for the actual separation and the gas used for detection may be significantly different. As an example, the carrier gas flow rate is selected to provide optimum resolution

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