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    Gas Flares - (26 companies)
    ...gases eliminate substances that are unsuitable for use or transport. Flare stacks used with non-waste gases serve as safety systems by reducing gas pressures with pressure-relief valves. In addition to reducing equipment strain, these gas flares... Learn More
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    Gas Fittings - (80 companies)
    Image Caption: Beswick Engineering Co., Inc. | TEAM Industrial Services | WIKA Instrument, LP. Gas fittings are specifically designed for use with gases, such as flammable propane or hazardous phosgene. These types of fittings have a reverse thread... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pneumatic Fittings - (179 companies)
    Pneumatic fittings are parts used to connect sections of pipe, tube, and hose in pneumatic (pressurized gas) lines and systems. How to Select Pneumatic Fittings. Image Credit: Beswick Engineering Co., Inc. | Allied Electronics, Inc. | Grainger... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Boom Lifts-Image
    Boom Lifts - (127 companies)
    Boom lifts have an articulating arm or telescopic extension for lifting materials or personnel. They are used widely in construction and utility applications, but are also considered to be aerial equipment. Telescopic booms have a straight arm... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gas Instruments-Image
    Gas Instruments - (950 companies)
    Image credit: Det-Tronics | Fotronic Corp. | MSA. Gas instruments detect, monitor or analyze gases present in an environment. Detectors sense situations outside normal operating parameters and are set to alarm when these conditions are violated... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Waterway Barriers and Booms - (76 companies)
    Waterway barriers and waterway booms are safety and security devices that contain debris or spills, restrict vessel and port access or act as water hazard and dam safety barriers. Learn More
  • Welding Gases and Thermal Process Gases - (136 companies)
    ...propylene, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, hydrogen, and methylacetylene-propadiene (MAPP) gas. Welding gases and thermal process gases are often used in conjunction with an oxygen gas supply to produce a very hot flame. Welding gases and thermal... Learn More
  • Industrial Gases - (342 companies)
    ...dioxide, and noble gases such as argon, neon, xenon, and krypton. Some industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, LNG, and liquefied petroleum gas are liquefied at high pressure for ease of storage and transport. At even lower temperatures... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gas Sensors - (569 companies)
    ...interact with a gas to initiate the measurement of its concentration. The gas sensor then provides output to a gas instrument to display the measurements. Common gases measured by gas sensors include ammonia, aerosols, arsine, bromine, carbon dioxide... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gas Cylinders - (121 companies)
    Gas cylinders are used to store gases under high pressures. They can store flammable gases such as acetylene and inert gases such as helium. Gas Cylinders. Storage tank. Gas cylinder. Image Credit: Baker Corp | Grainger. Gas cylinders are used... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Customer Magazine Venture - Siemens
To flare or to fire? Siemens gas turbines power Priobskaye, Russia?s biggest plant fired on associated petroleum gas
See Siemens Energy Sector Information

Supernova - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This shock wave sweeps up an expanding shell of gas and dust called a supernova remnant.

Robot combat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A long weapon boom has a vertically oriented hammer, pick, or axe on the end.

Gas Flare and Igniter
Oil and Gas Manifold Transfer Pump Gas Flare and Igniter
See Shanghai Sunry Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. Information

ESA Science & Technology: Instruments

Ulysses Spacecraft Description - Table of Contents
Dust Instrument (DUST) Interstellar Neutral Gas Experiment (GAS) Magnetic Field Investigation Solar Flare X-ray and Cosmic Gamma Ray Burst Experiment

AND PETROLEUM INDUSTRY A World Leader in Flare and Flare System Applications Advanced flare and flare system designs Cal idus Technologies by
See Callidus Technologies, LLC Information

FCI VeriCal in-situ calibration verification for flare...
Home > Products > FCI VeriCal in-situ calibration verification for flare gas flowmeters

John Zink: VS Indair or KMI Flare
VS Indair or KMI Flare Backed by more than 400 successful INDAIR flare tip installations worldwide, oil and gas processors depend on the 100%

UPSTREAM FLARES_CWS Flare Gas RIMFIRE? or OWBTM or Landfill Utility Recovery Endothermic DFTM Flare Gas Flare Flare Unit HALO? Flare Liquid Yes Yes Yes

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