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  • Flow Stabilisation in Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography Using Flow Meters and Feedback Control
    , flow perturbations (e.g. from gas bubbles) have to be accounted for when designing process robustness. For investigating the applicability of feedback flow control, a Knauer C9116 lab scale SMB unit was equipped with Mini CORI-FLOW M13 coriolis flow controllers.
  • White Paper - Thermal Processing Optimization: Using Advanced Rotary Tube Internals to Achieve Operational Improvements
    The use of tube internals in a rotary furnace can increase heat transfer surface area, improve radial mixing, improve gas-solid interactions, control gas flow direction, and even control material dwell time or velocity through the tube. All of these can result in a reduction of residence time
  • Medical Device Link .
    , improvements in gas pressure and flow control enable more-detailed control of process variables. The stand-alone gas unit is wired into the injection molding machine. It uses process signals to time and control the gas-assist process sequence. The gas unit is also linked to a
  • MICRO: Critical Materials
    device geometries is the delivery of gases to the process tools. Controlling gas delivery, in turn, requires accurate flow control devices such as mass-flow controllers (MFCs). Typically, gas delivery is accomplished by means of an MFC located on a process tool among other gas-delivery components. Most
  • Proportional valves eliminate design headaches
    of closed-loop control systems. Proportional valves are a great alternative when an application requires more than on-off control, but not the high precision and expense of servovalves. As such, proportional valves are widely used in a multitude of applications, including the control of gas and air flow
  • Crossflow Scrubber and Air Filtration Pilot System
    This design utilizes stage-wise scrubbing and filtering of gases and contaminants in a compact, easy to maintain package. Inherent in the design is the flexibility to collect a diverse range of contaminants and at a high gas flow turndown (allowing for large swings in the gas volume). Kimre TM
  • MICRO: 2004 Greatest Hits
    water generators. Designed to supply DIO water to single-wafer cleaning tools, the compact and self-contained unit provides ultrapure DIO with a high and accurate ozone concentration at a constant delivery pressure. The unit delivers DIO water with ozone concentrations between 5 and 55 ppm at flow
  • Accumulators handle the extremes
    . The accumulators feature enormous power reserves, flow rates, and fluid volumes. A standard blowoutpreventer control unit consists of 22 or more 11 or 15-gallon bladder accumulators. They are typically precharged to 1,000 psi, then hydraulically charged to 3,000 psi by electric-motor-driven piston pumps

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