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  • Advancing Mass Flow Technology with Multi-Gas and Multi-Range Programmability
    being run as shown in Figure 2. By improving the linearity of the flow restrictor (a.k.a. bypass), very low sample flows could be precisely. and reliably diverted and measured through the. calibrated thermal flow sensor. This al owed accurate. measurement at very low sensor flows, enabling the. MFC
  • Materials Engineering: Flow control: A novel use for porous metal
    as 0.01 in., or less. Single orifices and capillary tubes are also sensitive to the presence of particulate matter in the gas stream that could deposit in the orifice and adversely alter the gas flow rate versus pressure drop. "In contrast, porous metal-flow restrictors contain hundreds of small pores
  • Medical Device Link .
    prevents spikes in these flows, which would be dangerous to the patient, " adds Dillon. Mott 's product line includes porous-metal shapes, air bearings and vacuum devices, flow restrictors, and gas and liquid spargers. It also includes a range of filtration products, such. EMDM - January/February 2005
  • Bearing Wear
    in hydrostatic bearings with high flow rates eventually causes failure. Plugging of flow restrictors by wear debris can cause catastrophic failure. In gas-lubricated, externally pressurized bearings, occasional rubs and resulting wear can occur under impact and vibration loads. Hydrodynamic bearings wear
  • Medical Device Link .
    filters, implantable devices, metal filters in test stands, spargers used in cell-culture processes, filters to prevent plugging in catheters, and precision flow restrictors for the delivery of gases in life-critical systems. According to the company, porous metal offers the advantage of withstanding
  • Medical Device Link . Implementing MEMS Technology in Today's Medical Electronics
    to isolate the sensor from the immediate environment. The sensor, which is known as a thermopile, is being evaluated for use as a remote temperature sensor in the inner ear. Flow restrictors provide the precise low-flow-rate control needed for drug infusion. Infusion pumps and drug-delivery systems
  • Intrinsically Safe Sensing in Hazardous Applications
    . LEVEL | FLOW | PRESSURE | TEMPERATURE | SOLENOID VALVES | FLUIDIC SYSTEMS. that produce sparks or which could. diaphragm and a pressure restrictor on. Gems has the knowledge and experience. generate enough heat to cause an ignition. the 32CS series. This enables the 32CS to to help OEMs at a high
  • Three Process Conditions That Affect Accuracy And Performance Of Pressure Gauges (.pdf)
    . solely on a needle valve to address pulsation, due to the fact that the user could inadvertently. open the valve, and thereby negate flow restriction. In clean fluids (gases or clean low viscosity. liquids) a threaded orifice/flow restrictor or a sintered metal snubber is the least costly way

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