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  • Principle of Mass Flow Instruments: Measuring Unit of Flow Rate
    under predetermined standard conditions of pressure and temperature. At present, Pa .m3/s is used in conformance with the SI units, but SCCM and SLM which have long been used for mass flow instruments are still used as principal units. 3. Measuring Unit of Flow Rate | KOFLOC. KOFLOC. KOFLOC
  • High Flow Delivery Systems for Bulk Specialty Gases
    concentration in gas phase for hydrogen chloride and ammonia was measured by an FI1R spectrometer. The efficiency of Matheson Tri-gas' Nanochem series purifiers was tested at a wide range of flow rates. Heat was introduced to the Bulk Specialty Gas Unit (BSGU) and the distribution system during the purification
  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter Improves Refinery Flare Gas Monitoring Accuracy
    toxic gases. This gas mixture led them to conclude that mass (rather than volumetric) flow rate was the most important parameter to consider in the incineration process and to assist in plant's mass balance calculation. In the header lines, the variable flow rate ranged from just 0.5 to 150 SCFM
  • Analyze Naphtha Quality in Crude Distillation Unit
    The quality of fractions from the CDU (crude distillation unit) need to be continuously monitored, assuring the refinery that it is maintaining peak performance from the column while controlling product quality to downstream units. Analyze Naphtha Quality in Crude Distillation Unit (CDU). English
  • Principle of Mass Flow Instruments: Calibration with Actual Gas and Conversion Factor Method
    . Pressure Regulating Valves. Gas mixture device. Product related to flow quantity. Guide to selection of Kofloc mass flow controller / meter. Principle of Mass Flow Instruments. 1.Volume flow and mass flow. 2. Principle of mass flow sensor. 3. Measuring Unit of Flow Rate. 4. Calibration with actual
  • Wastewater Treatment and Gas Detection
    There are several locations in a typical wastewater treatment system where it is necessary to monitor for hazardous gases. This article outlines various considerations in gas detection in Wastewater treatment plants. Water and Wastewater Treatment solutions from Sierra Monitor and FieldServer
  • Liquid & Gas Flow Measurement For Oil/Gas FPSO Vessels
    , and small weight and space footprint. The V-Cone Flow Meter supports line sizes from 0.5 to 120 inches or greater with most types of end connections, can be manufactured out of almost any material and to almost any pressure rating. Protect Your Pump and Keep It Longer. Liquid & Gas Flow Measurement
  • Thermal Spray Gas Flow Contol
    flow. Method. Most HVOF thermal spray systems use three flow control instruments, one each to control the oxygen, fuel, and a powder carrier gas. The flame characteristics are determined primarily by the oxygen and fuel flows but also depend on the gun design and are affected somewhat by the carrier

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