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  • Gas Instruments-Image
    Gas Instruments - (952 companies)
    Image credit: Det-Tronics | Fotronic Corp. | MSA. Gas instruments detect, monitor or analyze gases present in an environment. Detectors sense situations outside normal operating parameters and are set to alarm when these conditions are violated... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gas Sensors-Image
    Gas Sensors - (571 companies)
    ...interact with a gas to initiate the measurement of its concentration. The gas sensor then provides output to a gas instrument to display the measurements. Common gases measured by gas sensors include ammonia, aerosols, arsine, bromine, carbon dioxide... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Industrial Gases-Image
    Industrial Gases - (343 companies)
    ...dioxide, and noble gases such as argon, neon, xenon, and krypton. Some industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, LNG, and liquefied petroleum gas are liquefied at high pressure for ease of storage and transport. At even lower temperatures... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Welding Gases and Thermal Process Gases-Image
    Welding Gases and Thermal Process Gases - (136 companies)
    ...propylene, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, hydrogen, and methylacetylene-propadiene (MAPP) gas. Welding gases and thermal process gases are often used in conjunction with an oxygen gas supply to produce a very hot flame. Welding gases and thermal... Learn More
  • Laboratory and Calibration Gases-Image
    Laboratory and Calibration Gases - (79 companies)
    Kin-Tek; Matheson Gas. Laboratory and calibration gases are used as standards (for reference purposes), as well as for detection, sample preparation, environmental monitoring, and analysis applications. According to Kin-Tek, the purpose of a gas... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gas Valves - (516 companies)
    ...types consist of bolt flanges, clamp flanges, union connections, tube fittings, butt welds, socket welds, and internal or external threads. Gas Valve Types. There are many types of gas valves, including: Angle valves admit gases at an angle and allow... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Gases - (74 companies)
    Pharmaceutical and medical gases are pure fluids which are used to synthesize, sterilize, or insulate processes or products which contribute to human health. They are also administered to patients as therapy. Pharmaceutical gas outlets and cylinders... Learn More
  • Chemical Process and Petrochemical Gases - (97 companies)
    ...catalysts, adsorbents to purify gas and liquid processing streams, and sulfur recovery systems to remove sulfur compounds from fuel. Chemical Process and Petrochemical Gases Operations. Petrochemical gases include methane, ethane, propane, and butane... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gas Cylinders - (121 companies)
    Gas cylinders are used to store gases under high pressures. They can store flammable gases such as acetylene and inert gases such as helium. Gas Cylinders. Storage tank. Gas cylinder. Image Credit: Baker Corp | Grainger. Gas cylinders are used... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Food and Beverage Gases - (31 companies)
    ...are tightly regulated by government agencies to ensure that gas quality and consumer health are not compromised by the introduction of gaseous elements and compounds. Inclusion of gases in the creation and handling of food is limited to the following roles... Learn More
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This paper presents a case history of a failure analysis performed on hybrid devices that exhibited electrical failures during thermal cycle with bias. Electrical testing revealed resistive shorts between Vcc and ground bond pads on integrated circuits within the package. A dendritic growth...

May 2007 TESTING. Using Chemical Characterization to Show Equivalency. Certain tests enable OEMs to fully understand a material 's properties, which is necessary to establish device biocompatibility. David Albert and Amy Hoffmann. Gas chromatography is an analytical tool that characterizes aqueous...

A contract manufacturer mass-produces disposable lines for monitoring anaesthesia gas and carbon dioxide by coextruding polyethylene/PVC or PVC tubes and assembling male and female connectors. The ISO 9001 - and ISO 14001 -certified company can perform any kind of manual medical device assembly...

A nondestructive leak-testing system for medical devices and nonporous packages features pressure- or vacuum-decay chamber technology. The TME Solution-C test system offered by TM Electronics Inc. (Boylston, Massachusetts, USA; ) in custom configurations produces quantitative test results...

...for other reasons as well. Brooks praises its clarity, which lets people see the fluid or gas that is. (Cover) Finding Tube Materials that Make the Grade (MDDI archive, Jan 05). Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry...

...resulting from natural convection cooling. Quantifying the expected life of a large electrical assembly requires extensive modeling,. laboratory testing and field verification. Without preventive maintenance (PM), the. volumetric air flow rate for forced air-cooling will slowly decrease, resulting...

Materials. Molding. Motors and Motion Control. Nanotechnology. Packaging and Sterilization Products, Equipment, and Services. Pumps and Valves. Regional Focus Features. Special Features. Sustainable Manufacturing. Testing and Inspection. Tubing. Home \. Magazines \. Medical Product Manufacturing News...

Manufacturing. Testing and Inspection. Tubing. Home \. Magazines \. Medical Product Manufacturing News. Spotlight on Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Medical component converting Medical-grade PSAs are die-cut for use in device components at a company's GMP-compliant facility. Such capabilities as die-cutting...

...color, or lubricity--and then to fine-tune the formulation and compounding process to obtain optimum results. Of course, any discussion involving specific materials for medical applications is based on the understanding that the device manufacturer is ultimately responsible for all testing--including...

Goldstein Group Communications, Inc. 1. SWITCH TO 42 VOLT AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS. BRINGS CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES. Qi Wang. Keithley Instruments, Inc. Switching to 42V automotive electrical systems almost seems like a no-brainer. But there's still a. lot of engineering and testing to be done...

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