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  • Looking for The Right Confined Space Gas Monitor?
    Since legislation regarding entry into confined spaces was established in 1993, safety professionals have been on a quest to find the ideal confined space gas monitor. The instrument must be easy to use, detects and identifies all potential hazards, lasts forever and requires no calibration
  • Measurement of Greenhouse Gases Using the Multi-Gas Monitor
    Global Warming The earth is warmed by the sun. Over time, the amount of energy transmitted to the earths surface is equal to the amount of energy radiated back into space in the form of infrared radiation, while the temperature of the earths stays virtually constant. However, the temperature of the
  • Application of Fast Response Dual-Colour Pyroelectric Detectors with Integrated Op Amp in a Low Power NDIR Gas Monitor (.pdf)
    Monitoring the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) is increasingly being used as a surrogate for determining indoor air quality (IAQ) and to decrease energy consumption of enclosed office spaces. Currently available CO2 sensors for these applications, however, are not being used in private homes
  • Monitoring Gas - Protecting Life
    breakthroughs and perseverance in product development, Industrial Scientific has released tremendously innovative products, including the Docking Station, GasBadge Plus and GasBadge Pro Single gas Monitors, ITX Multi-Gas Monitor, and iTrans single or dual fixed point monitors with complementary controllers
  • Get a Handle on Gas Detection
    costs and streamline processes. The evolution of gas detection technology is no different. From the hapless canary that warned miners of atmospheric hazards in the past, to the technologically sophisticated multi-gas monitors of today, innovations in gas monitoring practices have led to significant
  • The Evolution of Gas Protection
    to the world of gas detection, single and multi-gas monitors evolved. The first electronic single gas monitors were basic at best. Designed for the coal industry to sniff out methane, these monitors utilised analogue readouts to indicate the presence of gas. Most monitors today offer considerably more
  • A Paradigm Shift in Gas Monitoring
    unless an ardent safety professional champions the effort. What is an all-encompassing gas monitoring program? One that considers the total requirements for providing gas monitors for worker protection, training of the equipment, routine maintenance, scheduled and unplanned repairs, parts procurement
  • Measurement of Oxidant and Acid Gases in Wet Gas Streams
    concentrations in moisture-saturated air streams presents a problem for conventional sensors; condensing water tends to block lines and blind sensors. The Wet Gas Monitor from CBISS has been developed to meet the need for reliable measurements in wet scrubber outlets where the sample may be saturated
  • Monitor and Record Gas Detection at an International Chemical Plant
    At an international chemical company, health and safety is an important consideration with gas detection high on the list of priorities. It was necessary to monitor and record hydrochloric acid gas levels and chlorine (CH2) levels. There is also a need to monitor and record temperature at twenty
  • Beta testing an in-line monitor for moisture measurement in inert gas lines
    of process steps increase the risks associated with moisture contamination, the semiconductor industry needs new techniques for controlling gas purity. Extensive beta-site collaboration is needed to develop products that can minimize contamination-related downtime, provide more knowledge about the moisture

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