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  • The Basics of Pressure Regulators
    Pressure regulators are found in many common home and industrial applications. For example, pressure regulators are used in gas grills to regulate propane pressure, in home furnaces to regulate natural gas, in medical/dental equipment regulate oxygen and anesthesia gases, in pneumatic automation
  • Gas Regulators: Selection, Installation and Operation
    Aldrich lecture bottle and specialty gas regulators are designed for use with dry (anhydrous) gases at a normal operating temperature of 70°F (21°C) and maximum inlet pressure of 3000psig. Certain gases will hydrolyze in the presence of moisture to form corrosive products that can impair regulator
  • Guide to Safe Handling of Compressed Gases
    potentially hazardous (pressure, flammability, toxicity, corrosiveness, and others) are covered in detail. Among the many other topics covered are compressed gas cylinders and gases in system design, gas filling and transporting, safe handling and storage methods, safe design and operation of a compressed
  • U.S. Battery and Fuel Cell Patents | November 2007 | A B T |
    . U.S. 7,264,896 (20070904), Two-stage hybrid gas pressure regulator, Ronald James Kelley, Steven Duane Pratt, Robert Pennisi, and Sivakumar Muthuswamy, Motorola, Inc. U.S. 7,264,897 (20070904), Fuel cell system, Yuusuke Sato and Nobutaka Kikuiri, Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba (JP). U.S. 7,264,898 (20070904
  • MICRO: Ultrapure Gas Delivery - Morgan (September 2000)
    by the process recipe. These subsystems generally consist of several automatic shutoff valves, a pressure regulator, and a mass-flow controller (MFC). A gas stick receives its supply from a "gas room, " which contains the various high-pressure process gases used throughout the facility. These gases
  • Case Study - Marshall Gas Controls
    Marshall Gas Controls in San Marcos, Texas, a division of the S.H. Leggitt Co., is a high-volume. manufacturer of high-pressure and adjustable liquid propane gas regulators, hose assemblies. and pigtails. For years, the company built its own leak testers. Although the testers performed well
  • How to Determine and Specify the Most Appropriate Gas Supply System for Your Laboratory
    , Single & Multi-Station Manifolds, Cylinder "SWITCHOVER" Systems, Generators. Cylinder Regulator Guidelines: It is not necessary to purchase (install) a more expensive two-stage regulator for the cylinder if your gas delivery system will also have regulators installed down stream at the "point-of-use
  • MICRO: Characterizing an electrochemical oxygen sensor for process gas monitoring applications
    to commissioning. However, during routine fab operations, an inadvertent error by a process tool operator or the failure of a delivery system component such as a valve or pressure regulator can cause gas contamination, which, if not detected in a timely manner, can result in a significant amount of scrapped
  • Evaluating the use of MEMS-based gas and fluid delivery systems
    and electromechanical counterparts. With recent MEMS innovations, the list of conventional gas and liquid control components that can be replaced with smaller, MEMS-based equivalents includes mass-flow controllers (MFCs), pressure regulators, and positive shutoff valves. It is now possible to replace
  • Increase throughput with energy efficient heating from TESCOM 44-5800 Series Regulator
    Emerson innovative technology makes pressure and flow control solutions more productive, efficient and cost-effective. Our proven results are what make us the leader in the industry. Donâ t just take our word for it, read a few of our success stories below.Â. Wisconsin Public Service