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  • Infrared Thermography in the Process Gas Plant
    in conjunction with the newly implemented vibration preventive maintenance program. The Sour Gas processing plant takes natural gas from 9 deep wells in the Madden formation in central Wyoming, each approximately 25,000 ft. deep. The wells produce shut in pressure of 10,000 lbs at approximately 290
    Due to the increase in natural gas prices in the past few years, the benefits of optimizing natural gas gathering and processing systems have become substantially greater. These benefits can be observed from an analysis of the operating conditions, updating gas contracts, and adding gas to existing
  • Case Study: Mirus Lineator Installation at Natural Gas Sweetening Plant
    A natural gas processing and transportation company, located in British Columbia, Canada, had commissioned the installation of 8 Motor Control Centers (MCC's), each exclusively loaded with adjustable frequency drives, for an upgrade at one of their natural gas sweetening plants. Since the plant
  • Manufactured Gas Processing Sites, Remediation using Organoclay (.pdf)
    Manufactured gas plants (MGP) are former coal gasification plants. Coal gasification is a process for converting coal partially or completely to combustible gases (Clark). In turn, after purification, these gases can be used as fuels or as raw materials for other processes (Clark).
  • Air Products: Pioneering Gas Processing Solutions
    APAS delivered the nitrogen generator for Prelude, the world's largest floating LNG plant anchored 200 kilometers off of the coast of Australia.
  • Biogen's LSM Plant; On Line, On Time, On Budget
    in gray space. LSM's utilities are typical for a large biotechnology facility. In addition to general utilities, the plant uses process gases, purified water, water-for-injection, clean steam, and HEPA filtration to serve upstream and downstream operations. The site's principal processing suites
  • Air/Gas Mass Flow Meter Improves Wastewater Treatment Processing Efficiency
    million gallons per day. In planning for the wastewater treatment plant's expanded capabilities, the city's water engineers identified minimizing aeration basin compressed air energy costs as a goal.
  • Emergency Maintenance for Offshore Gas Platform
    a gas turbine and a gas compressor, and was used for pumping material through undersea lines directly to the customer's processing plants located on shore. The damaged gearbox required an externally "forced " lubrication system (as opposed to an internally designed "splash " lubrication system).
  • Natural Gas Compressor System Oil Coolers Case History
    Multistage gas compression is one of the most common processes in any industrial plant. Applications vary from one industry to another and include natural gas processing, petroleum refining, and manufacturing of chemicals and end-product gases. Pressuring the gas enables it to be stored
  • The Sorbead Quick Cycle Process for Simultaneous Removal of Water, Heavy Hydrocarbons and Mercaptans from Natural Gas
    , longer Claus catalyst lifetimes, simplification of propane and LPG mercaptan treating, and the ability to integrate non-regenerable mercury traps at an earlier stage of processing and the production of dehydrated product. The integrated process can be attractive for gas conditioning, LNG and GTL

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