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    Emission characteristics of a nanosecond discharge in inert gases and its halo-. genides without preionization of the gap from an auxiliary source have been investigated. A volume discharge, initiated by an avalanche electron beam (VDIAEB) was realized at. pressures up to 12 atm. In xenon
  • Installation Guide for Hazardous Areas
    in air requires only 2O ┬ÁJoule of energy. In electrical circuits the. mechanism for the release of this ignition energy is often a spark from a circuit wiring. fault that creates a gap in the wire allowing a spark to form. Electrical components and. equipment with hot surfaces also can cause ignition
  • Dealing With Landfill Fuel: Evaluating Fuel Treatment Options (.pdf)
    , leaving a gap through which hot. combustion gas flows while the valve is closed. It can also occur when a loose chip from the. combustion chamber gets trapped in a closing valve as it exits the cylinder. The resulting. blowtorch effect melts part of the valve, a phenomenon commonly referred
  • Corona & Testing - Who, What, When, Where & Why
    washers or hardware, spark gaps between pieces sometimes rattled by heavy vehicle traffic, in industry or the home causes can range from TV sets, microwaves, transformers, electric motors, vehicles spark plug wiring, over the road diesel trucks with inverters, etc. places where an arc can
  • Combing GDTs and MOVs for Surge Protection of AC Power Lines (.pdf)
    levels of. basic types: Crowbar-type devices. of up to 0.5kA can be expected. increasing transient activity, labeled. such as gas tube surge arresters,. (Note 1). spark gaps, and SCRs; and Clamp-. thyristors are available which offer. tions provide the low impedance. type devices such as avalanche
  • Surge Protection Technology Used in Power over Ethernet (PoE) Protection 9.(.pdf)
    lightning currents. The spark gap components used are gas discharge tube (GDT) and open-air spark gap. A GDT is a spark. gap enclosed in an inert gas to control the voltage turn-on level. Open-air spark gaps are too slow and. variable for use in PoE Protection. The primary tradeoff with surge
  • The use of surge protective devices in mitigating the effects of lightning strikes in offshore oil applications
    is associated with lightning test current. generators, etc., to control circuitry containing ICs. peak values in the range of 50 kA and voltage. and PROMs. protection values of approximately 800 V. Compared. to the open-air spark gap, the gas discharge tube
  • 'Best Practice' Makes Sound Business Sense - How to Avoid the Real Cost of Non-Compliance in Static Control (.pdf)
    faults. are prevented from igniting flammable atmospheres. This has. nothing to do with preventing the occurrence of incendive spark. discharges from industrial processes. In the same way gas. analysers perform functions that detect gases before they. become a health and safety risk, static control

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