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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
GAS TUBE, 3 TERM.230V FAI Quist Electronics SANKOSHA USA INC. Not Provided LSAFE
GAS TUBE 350V M DIP 3P National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
U-1B (BULK) GAS TUBE, CG7 Quist Electronics SANKOSHA USA INC. Not Provided 5L
2026-25-C2LF Allied Electronics, Inc. BOURNS Not Provided TUBE,GAS DISCHARGE,8MM DIA.,3 ELECTRODE,250V +/-20%@100V/S,2PF@1MHZ IPCAPACITANC
2036-07-B2LF Allied Electronics, Inc. BOURNS Not Provided TUBE,GAS DISCHARGE,5MM DIA.,3 ELECTRODE,75V +/-20%@100V/S,2PF@1MHZ IPCAPACITANCE
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  • Gas Discharge Tube Overview
    different networks. A Gas Discharge Tube or GDT can be used as a standalone component or combined with other components to make a multistage protection circuit - the gas tube acts as the high energy handling component.
  • Permeation Tubes: A Simple Path to Very Complex Gas Mixtures (.pdf)
    As applications requiring gas mixtures become more sophisticated, the mixtures required become progressively more complex. Permeation tubes can supply miniscule flows of a wide range of analyte vapors while compensating for background contamination in the matrix.
  • Technical Bulletin: Detector Tube Listing for Matheson-Kitagawa Toxic Gas Detector System
    Matheson-Kitagawa Precision Detector Tubes are formulated with high purity reagents that absorb and react with the gas or vapor being measured. The reaction causes a colorimetric stain that varies in length proportional to the concentration of the gas or vapor being measured. For most tubes
  • Correcting Detector Tube Measurements
    Detector tubes offer the simplest, quickest and most cost effective and versatile gas detection system of all. However, many times detector tube measurements must be corrected for stroke count (i.e., sample volume), temperature or humidity in order to provide the specified accuracy. Users will find
  • How to Adjust the Force of a Gas Spring
    Once a gas spring has left the IGS factory, the only way to adjust its force is by removing some of the nitrogen gas contained inside the tube. Therefore the only possible adjustment will always lead to a less powerful gas spring. On first orders and prototypes, we always recommend that you
  • Expanding Detector Tube Measuring Ranges
    A detector tube system is a most versatile tool, simple to use yet covering a wide assortment of airborne gas and vapor measurement applications. The tube catalogs of the major brands typically list from 200 to 300 different substances that can be monitored. In addition to this wide range of target
  • Eliminating Need For Gas Preheat in Pressure Regulation
    The Vortex Tube (VT) is a specially. designed cylindrical device with no moving. parts. It takes high-pressure gas and, in the. course of its depressurizing, converts (vortex. phenomenon) the inlet gas flow energy into. two low pressure streams - cold and hot. which exit the VT separately
  • Volume Verification for Detector Tube Pumps
    A detector tube pump should be periodically checked for leaks as part of any well-run detector tube-monitoring program. A leaking pump will cause detector tube readings to understate the concentration level of the target gas, which can make an unsafe area appear safe. All brands and types
  • Gas Plasma OVP (G.D.T.) Application Notes (.pdf)
    The Gas Discharge Tube (G.D.T.) operates as a voltage dependent switch. When a voltage appears across the device which is greater than its breakdown voltage, known as the Sparkover Voltage, an arc discharge takes place within the tube which creates a low impedance path by which the surge current
  • Using Permeation Tubes to Create Trace Concentration Moisture Standards (.pdf)
    suited for field use. Additionally, the method cannot be used with condensable gases frequently of industrial interest. Permeation tubes can be used to dispense precisely known quantities of moisture. Using permeation tubes to make standard additions of moisture to a flowing gas stream offers

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