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  • Capacitive Multibutton Configurations
    . C1VIN- -. C1IN+. 0. C1. C1OUT. MUX. C1VIN+ +. C1OUT (to SR Latch). FixedRef. 1. 0. C1POL. MUX. CVREF. 1. Note 1: When C1ON = 0, the C1 comparator will produce a ‘0’ output to the XOR Gate. C1RSEL. 2: Q1 and Q3 are phases of the four-phase system clock (FOSC). 3: Q1 is held high during Sleep mode
  • Capacitive Sensing Using Period Method (.pdf)
    This application note is an addendum to the information in the previous capacitive touch sensing application notes, found on Microchip's web site. It builds specifically on AN1101, "Introduction to Capacitive Sensing". This application note focuses on how to use either an SR latch enabled part
  • Application Circuits of the TC620/TC621Solid-State Temperature Sensors
    VCC. 1.2V. t°. TC620/TC621. REF+. Thermistor 1. -. (TC621 Only). AMP. +. +. 7. +. COMP. Low Limit. AMP. -. 2. Low Set. -. +. +. 6. COMP. High Limit. AMP. -. 3. High Set. -. S R. “C” (Standard) Denotes Cooling Option. Q. 5. (True High Control Output). …. Regulate. Q. Latch. 4. “H” (Option) Denotes