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4190 Newark / element14 FW BELL Not Provided FW BELL - 4190 - METER; GAUSS/TESLA; 1999mG 25-1200HZ; 1%
4180 Newark / element14 FW BELL Not Provided FW BELL - 4180 - METER; GAUSS/TESLA; 599mG; 25-1200HZ; 2%

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  • The Hall Effect Gauss / Tesla Meter
    Magnetic fields are well defined in theory but do not behave so predictably in real life. Often the root cause for the failure of a design involving magnetic. Photo 1. Hall effect devices, or Hall generators, are made by attaching four electrical contacts to a thin square or rectangular plate or
  • Ampere*turn Versus mT And Gauss
    What is the relationship between AT (Ampere*turn) and Tesla or Gauss? What magnet strength will activate a 15 AT reed switch at 5 mm? There is not an answer that is both simple and accurate. Because the reed switch is made of ferrous material, it affects the magnetic field into which it is placed
  • Magnetic Unit
    Maxwell Flux Density B Gauss Tesla lines/in2 Magnetomotive Force F gilbert ampere turn ampere turn Magnetizing Force H Oersted ampere turns/m ampere turns/in Length L cm m in Permeability of a vacuum ���� 1 0.4�� x 10-6 3.192 Conversion Factors
  • Effect of Magnetic Fields on Our Tilt Sensors
    the two ends of the sensor is less than. B. The graph below shows that the field gradient begins to. about 14 gauss/mm. Larger gradients along the length of. effect the output when B 500 gauss (gradient 14. the sensor produce an output shift. The following. gauss/mm = 1.4 tesla/m), for which
  • Magnetic Field Conversion Factors (.pdf)
    . 1.26x10-8. 1.26. 1. 1.26x10-12. 1.26x10-3. 1 weber-per-square meter =. 3x1014. 1x104. 1x1012. 7.96x1011. 1. 1x109. 1 gamma =. 3x105. 1x10-5. 1x103. 7.96x102. 1x10-9. 1. Notes: (1) One gauss and one oerstead are equivalent and may be interchanged. (2) One weber-per-square meter and one tesla are equivalent
  • Glossary for Magnet Materials
    the flux changes in magnitude. The unit of flux in the GCS system is Maxwell. One Maxwell equals one volt x seconds. Gauss, Gs: A unit of magnetic flux density in the GCS system; the lines of magnetic flux per square inch. 1 Gauss equals 0.0001 Tesla in the SI system. Hysteresis Loop: A closed curve
  • A Comparison of the Measured Magnetic Field Strength Using Ampere-Turns (AT) and milliTesla (mT) (.pdf)
    Reed Switch. However, this. More generally accepted outside the Reed Switch and data can be used for various cut lengths by using another. reed product manufacturing arena is the use of Gauss graph, which presents the percent of change for a given. and Tesla or milliTesla (mT). cut length
  • Routine Maintenance on AC Inverters (.pdf)
    of electromagnetic induction were. discovered in the early 1800’s by Oersted, Gauss and Faraday, and this. combination of Scandinavian, German and English thought gave us the. fundamentals for the electric motor. In the late 1800’s the actual invention. of the alternating current motor was made
  • Technical Reference: Motor Parameters Application Note (.pdf)
    =. = LB . f. I. 2. phase. When L is measured in meters and B is measured in Tesla (10,000 Gauss), Kf has units of N/A. In the case of a Delta wound motor, see Figure 1, the amplitude of the current waveform in the motor lead. is different than the amplitude of the current waveform in the motor phase

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