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  • Measurement of Continuous Surface Shear Stress Vector Distributions (.pdf)
    , but no shift. in the wavelength corresponding to this peak intensity was measured, i.e., no color. change occurred. 600. 600. αP = 30°. β = 0°. αP = 30°. Solid lines are Gaussian curve fits. β = 180°. Aligned/no shear. Linear curve fits. 580. 580. τ/τr = 1. 560. 560. 2. (nm). (nm). λ D540. λ D. 4. 540
  • Prism Compressor for Ultrashort Laser Pulses
    The description of the Gaussian pulse given by (1) is intuitive in the sense that it is fairly straightforward to conceptualize a pulse in the time domain. However, when dealing with pulses traveling through dispersive media, it can be problematic to work in the time domain. For example, in order
  • Medical Device Link .
    that is produced by a diode-pumped UV solid-state laser. A beam with a Gaussian cross section has an intensity peak in the center of the beam. The intensity falls off smoothly toward the edges, creating a bell-shaped, or Gaussian, curve. Such beams are often preferred in direct-write applications because
  • Living anionic polymerization of methyl methacrylate
    of the profile for the. aggregated PZN/IRG complex and that for Gaussian chains of PMMA. The. molecular weight of the PMMA determined by SANS, 2100 g mol1, was in. agreement with that estimated from gel-permeation chromatography, indicating. that the anionic living chain ends and their counter ions
  • MICRO:Advanced Process/Equipment Control
    data are particularly difficult to monitor using SPC charts, partly because they exhibit erratic behavior and noisiness. While measurement data such as critical dimensions and depths follow a Gaussian, or normal, distribution (the well-known bell-shaped curve), defect data have an asymmetrical
  • Estimating Period Jitter from Phase Noise
    . Since this approach does not directly measure period jitter in the time domain, we cannot make definitive. statements about the peak-to-peak values of the period jitter. However, if other evidence suggests that the edge. jitter or period jitter distribution is Gaussian, we can apply the usual
  • Determining the Frequency of Condition Monitoring tasks
    . He markets some software incorporating the model. The problem perhaps for most users is the lack of good data. The wear-out probability distribution function is usually modelled on the Gaussian or on Weibull with a large beta. But like any model, it needs plenty of data to fit! The difficult
  • Medical Device Link .
    of the three variables (ID, OD, and yield stress) are three-sigma statistical limits. Using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, 10,000 tubes were modeled. For each tube, the computer randomly chose an ID, OD, and yield stress, with the variables following a standard Gaussian distribution. Based on each

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