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  • Prism Compressor for Ultrashort Laser Pulses
    The description of the Gaussian pulse given by (1) is intuitive in the sense that it is fairly straightforward to conceptualize a pulse in the time domain. However, when dealing with pulses traveling through dispersive media, it can be problematic to work in the time domain. For example, in order
  • Spectral Broadening and Temporal Compression of Ultrashort Pulses in a Gas Cell
    of the. however, the bulk of the pulse is compressible simply by. tube. Two millimeter thick fused silica windows were used at. adding negative GDD. The analysis presented above holds. the entrance and exit ports of the cell, and the overall clear. for well-behaved (Gaussian-like) pulses
  • Automated Control of Amplified Pulse Duration Using the Dazzler TM / DazScope TM Solution (.pdf)
    arbitrary. , and a Gaussian intensity spectrum of bandwidth. waveform generator, which delivers RF signals to the crystal. 0. (FWHM), the minimum pulse duration (FWHM) accessible is. modules, and the associated Dazzler software. This user. t=(4ln2). . In this case, the spectral phase of the electric
  • Long Scan Autocorrelator
    a Michelson. common pulse profiles, Gaussian and hyperbolic secant. Interferometer. An incoming pulse with electric field E(t),. squared. is first split into two replicas by means of a beamsplitter. Table 1 Parameters for Two Common Pulse Profiles. The two replicas are sent down two independent delay. I
  • Medical Device Link .
    do laser beams create specific shapes? There are two ways to micromachine with a UV laser beam. In the direct-write method, the laser beam passes through beam-shaping apertures and focusing lenses to produce a concentrated spot on the work surface. Typically this spot has a Gaussian profile
  • Fiber Lasers for Hard Disk Texturing (.pdf)
    beam quality (M2~ 1.2) al ows the Gaussian beam to focus to <. 30 µm – beam quality maintained over entire operating range. • . “Zero warm-up time” from cold turn-on to ful specs. • . High reliability al fiber design, uses long-life single emitter diodes. ( >200,000 hr life). • . Lower capital
  • Laser Scribing of Thin Film Solar Panels (.pdf)
    ). Multiwave MOPA-M meets key performance requirements. • . Short pulses ( < 30 ns) reduces HAZ and micro cracking. • . High combined pulse energy and peak power enables P1 scribing, a. process with high pulse peak power threshold. • . High beam quality al ows the Gaussian beam to focus to < 30 µm
  • The Progress of Industrial Laser Marking (.pdf)
    . This highly stable laser source produces a single mode beam. spot with a more uniform Gaussian distribution of power. compared to most multi-mode laser beams (Figure 11). This. is the primary reason that YVO4 lasers are most suitable for. marking on plastics and metals with the precision needed

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