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  • Mighty motors
    Permanent-magnet synchronous motors eliminate gearboxes. Vice President and General Manager Industrial applications requiring high torque at low speeds typically use synchronous motors with reducers. Induction motors generate plenty of torque, but not at low speeds. However, new synchronous motor
  • Open Standards in Motion Control & Industrial Automation
    is the motion controller. For over two decades, the company prospered by catering to industrial applications requiring the most difficult and specialized motion controllers. They list blue-ribbon firms like Johnson & Johnson, Owens-Illinois, B&H Labeling, and C.G. Breitling on their client roster.
  • Preventing Failures in Industrial Process Equipment
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided the automated temperature monitoring solution for a customer producing plastic film in 5 plants across the US. Normally, at least one plant would burn out an electric motor (each costing about $120,000) every year due to gearbox seizures. Consequently
  • Servos make plasma cutter light and nimble
    coming out of in Paducah, Ky., are capable of such detailed work that they have a following among metal sculptors and artists, as well as industrial firms interested in high throughput. Key to the system's performance, say Dynatorch officials, is the use of servomotors rather than the stepping motors
  • Into the Mix: Centralized Lubrication Technology
    harsh operating conditions, industrial plants face their fair share of lubrication challenges. There is no shortage in the number and types of lubrication applications in a plant (conveyor bearings, chain drives, gears, gearboxes, un-mounted bearings, electric motors, air compressors, fans
  • Leland Teschler's Editoral What's Tough About Training
    This issue's emphasis on motion control prompts some reflection on how people learn about motion technology. Often theoretical training isn 't enough to grasp what 's really going on when, for example, a beefy industrial motor couples into a gearbox that weighs more than your car. The real insights
  • Measurement Techniques for Incremental Sensors: Encoders, Frequency Counters, Magnetic RPM sensors, etc.
    Measurement of angle, distance, frequency, and speed, as well as general event counting measurements are commonplace in a variety of industrial situations including gearboxes, engine and motor operation, conveyor belts, milling and drilling machinery, and robotic assembly systems. This paper
  • Planetary reducers eliminate machining step to keep costs down
    , and custom shaft and flanges. In the design and prototype stage is an industrial-grade, right-angle planetary reducer for use in tight spaces. It's expected sometime this year. A maker of hand-operated movers for boats and airplanes needed a motor drive able to provide a high power density

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