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  • Gearbox Tutorial
    frequency required for most gearbox analysis.
  • Gearbox Temperature Reduction
    Situation: A major paper manufacturer was experiencing unacceptable wear and out of cycle maintenance issues with a gearbox. The issue was root-caused to critical temperatures in the gearbox during continuous operation. The manufacturer was seeking a solution to lower gearbox temperatures by >10%
  • This Gearbox Beats The Cold
    DieQua was presented with a challenge to provide a spiral bevel gearbox to be used as a drive mechanism in a radar dish application.
  • Gearbox for Mixer Applications
    Selecting the right gearbox for your mixer application is important - especially when it is also the key support between the impeller shaft and the motor.
  • A second look at Gearbox efficiencies
    Gearbox efficiency is usually specified at a specific torque. The graph shows efficiency increasing with increasing torque. The graph shows how system efficiency follows combined gearhead and motor efficiencies. Manufacturers often specify motor efficiency. Ditto for gearbox efficiency. However
  • Gearbox Efficience Factors
    Load capacity, usable life, envelope size, and cost: all are very important considerations when designing a gearbox. However, accurately accounting for efficiency losses is a frequently forgotten element of the gearbox design process. These losses can be attributed to several factors: gear set
  • Application Flowchart - Calculate Gearbox Requirements
    Application Flowchart - Calculate Gearbox Requirements
  • Application:Bevel Gearbox Used Underwater
    There are a lot of industrial applications for gear products in harsh environments with not a lot of sources for them. A customer recently approached us with a request for a gearbox to be used in a wastewater treatment plant.
  • Application: A Gearbox For A High Temperature Environment
    Customers often call saying they need a gearbox but tell us the application is secret. Its understandable that privacy can be a concern. But its equally important that your supplier really knows what is going on.
  • Gearbox Service Factors for Overhead Cranes
    One of the most cricical aspects to consider when sizing and selecting a gearbox is the required service factor. Learn how to determine the proper service factor for overhead crane applications.
  • How Does Your Gearbox Sound?
    Sound can be a very subjective thing. What may sound "unusual" to one individual may very well sound "normal" to another. As a method of diagnosing a potential problem with a gearbox or gearmotor, the sound coming from it should not solely be relied on to determine whether a problem exists.

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