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...that: Training in the maintenance department of a pulp and paper mill often focuses on reliability of equipment and the lowering of maintenance cost. A good example is alignment training. Alignment is usually carried out by mechanics when installing a new pump, motor or gearbox, for example. Conventional...

...machines are often. shaft. Unfortunately, meshing gears do. contamination of the entire gearbox). very accessible, allowing the use of. not show up well, nor is this type of probe. Tuned sensors, with their short range of. magnetic mounting the sensor, thus. useful for early detection of faults...

...rpm on the basis of various considerations, including the. available range of reduction ratio in the twin-shaft. Thus in order to achieve the target power output, the. parallel gearbox and increases in friction. inductance L needs to be set at a low value. On the. d. other hand, improvement...

...effective when combating alignment or balancing issues by using Vibration Analysis. In some instances, it can even be used to monitor the quality of the repair being effected. We recently had a case where, despite the alignment on an agitator gearbox supposedly being performed correctly, the baseline...

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Study on fault diagnosis of gearbox based on morphological...
Study on fault diagnosis of gearbox based on morphological filter and multi-fractal theory

Application of robust design to gearbox transmission system
factors in gearbox transmission system were analyzed; combining the optimization design theory and robust design theory the robust mathematical model

Fault diagnosis of machines based on D?S evidence theory. Part...
Part 2: Application of the improved D?S evidence theory in gearbox fault diagnosis

Empirical model based optimization of gearbox geometric design...
Empirical model based optimization of gearbox geometric design parameters to reduce rattle noise in an automotive transmission

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Bearing Theory & Types Dynamic Balancing A Mechanism for Reducing Wear Particulates in a Coal Pulverizer Gearbox
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