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  • Applications of thin�?layer chromatography in pharmaceutical analyses
    Kline (93) used a paint sprayer to coat silica gel and kiesel- guhr TLC plates with agar inoculated with B. subtilis or S.Zuteu.
  • Reinforced Plastics
    If the parts produced do not require layers of gel coat or the liner or both, the whole operation may then be carried out in the winding machines, eliminating the gel coat and liner laminating assembly, sprayer system, and mat carriages, and...
  • Safety and health in boatbuilding and repair
    A pigmented polyester resin, known as a gel coat , is then applied, usually by a sprayer system.
  • An analysis of exposure to styrene in the reinforced plastic boat�?making industry
    Gel coat is applied in a ventilated booth using an airless sprayer system (except in the case of stationary hull and deck molds, which are coated in place).
  • Soviet equipment for production of polymer-impregnated concrete articles
    one with an accelerator and the other with a hardener, which are used simul- taneously when the gel coat is applied on the mold with the help of a sprayer , are prepared in this section.
  • States > New Jersey > State > Proposed Regulations > 2007 Documents > November 5, 2007 > [2007 NJ Proposed nj-20071105-0022-0002114] N.J.A.C. 7:27 - Air Qualit...
    ..." "graffiti remover," "hair styling product," "kerosene," "liquid product," "personal fragrance product," "pressurized gas duster," "pump sprayer ," "reactive adhesive," "shaving gel ," "soft household surface... product," "vinyl/fabric/leather/polycarbonate coating ," and "wood cleaner...
  • ASTM 00.01 - Subject Index; Alphanumeric Index
    ...Methods, Specification for, F 1325 (13.01) Swaged weldedcasffforged turnbuckles Turnbuckles, Swaged, Welded, Forged, Specification for, F 1145 (01.07) Sward hardness rocker Determining the Hardness of Organic Coatings with a SwardType Hardness... ...05) Preparing Ground Field Sprayer Calibration Procedures, Guide for... ...Cohesive Soils, Test Methods for, D 4546 (04.08) Rubber, Raw-Determination of Gel , Swelling index, and...
  • Thermal Spray Fundamentals
    ...the more homogeneous distribution of yttria grains (at the nano-scale level) with the sol– gel technique. For complex coatings , such as quasicrystalline [24, 25] or mullite ones [26] there is also a close... ...particles during their manufacturing process is also a very important issue because the sprayer , end-user, must...
  • Reinforced Plastics
    With the prefabricated top fitted onto the mold and after a gel coat is applied, the mold is rotated at a speed up to 90 rpm. about 110 lb/min) are supplied to the roving chopper and the mixing- sprayer located at the...
  • Light-Cured Adhesives Accommodate Any Assembly Schedule
    Available in liquid and gel formulations, they provide unlimited open time after application, since parts coated with cured adhesive can be bonded immediately or stored for assembly later. ...either by hand or with automated dispensing equipment, including roll-coaters, valve-dispensers, sprayers , or screen-printers.