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  • Pushbutton Switches-Image
    Pushbutton Switches - (653 companies)
    How to Select Pushbutton Switches. Flush pushbutton switch. Image Credit: Automationdirect Raised pushbutton switch. Image Credit: Digi-Key Recessed pushbutton switch. Image Credit: Schurter. Pushbutton switches are mechanical switches defined... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Slide Switches-Image
    Slide Switches - (196 companies)
    Slide switches are mechanical switches defined by their method of activation. The switch is a slider that moves (slides) from position to position. Slide Switches Information. Slide switches are mechanical switches defined by their method... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Rocker Switches-Image
    Rocker Switches - (336 companies) a single branch circuit. This switch type typically has two terminals and is referred to as a single-pole switch. SPDT rocker switches make or break the connection of a single conductor with either of two other single conductors. These switches... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Toggle Switches-Image
    Toggle Switches - (374 companies)
    ...differ in terms of switch configuration. Configurations for maintained-contact toggle switches are described below. ON/OF toggle switches have separate ON and OFF functions and work like light switches. Three-position toggle switches have a center... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Rotary Switches-Image
    Rotary Switches - (347 companies)
    Rotary switches move in a circle and can stop in several positions. There are two basic styles: single-deck and multi-deck. Knobbed shaft single deck. Rotary selector switch. Rotary switch. Image Credit: Altech Corp | Omega Engineering | Newark... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • DIP Switches - (130 companies)
    ...down to actuate. The number of positions available is equivalent to the number of actuators on the DIP switch. Types. DIP switches can be normally open, normally closed, or three stage. A normally open (NO) switch has contacts that are open... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Touch Switches and Tactile Switches - (168 companies)
    ...operate by human touch, as opposed to making or breaking a mechanical connection by pushing a button or flipping a switch. Many different principles can be used to operate a touch switches. Examples include: Temperature. Resistance. Radio reception... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Membrane Switch and Keypad Services - (245 companies)
    Suppliers of membrane switches and keypad assemblies using flexible membranes, domed or flat switch profiles, and tactile and non-tactile switches and panels. Suppliers of membrane switches and keypad services fabricate assemblies using flexible... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • RF Switches - (251 companies)
    RF signals. The colored lines denote the path of each input signal; by adjusting each switch the signals can be rerouted via any of the black lines in the image. Because this design uses only switches and does not require power dividers or attenuators... Search by Specification | Learn More

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  • Performance Analysis of Error Control Codes for Wireless Sensor Networks
    The Xilinx Integrated Software Environment (ISE) 7 along with Xilinx Power (XPower) [ 12 ] is used for estimating... The power consumed by each switching element in the design is given by Eq. ( 4 ). mW, C represents the capacitance in Farads, V represents the voltage in Volts , E represents the... Then the design is elaborated, where the design is built with generic and technology-independent components like... ...upper level of the hierarchy, and each copy is optimized in a unique way according to the...
  • Development and testing of a wireless controlled car using the internet as communication medium
    It is therefore impossible to get generic software to control actuators. ...can buy devices to open your automatic gates, control your sprinkler system, or switch on your stove., visual feedback of the surroundings of the car, as well as a way to sense direction... 4 . A 12 - volt electric motor was fitted to this platform for propulsion.
  • Pulsewidth Modulation of Neutral-Point-Clamped Indirect Matrix Converter
    2 Vm vmin − 2vmin 3Vm , for negative rail clamping ( 12 The intention for having different gradients is to force each trian- gular edge to span a complete CSR switching state duration expressed as either δ1T or δ2T, where δ1 and δ2 are the CSR duty ratios computed using ( 4 ) and (5). Synchronizing in this way ensures that a complete inversion stage sequence com- prising of “N1{+, N, N} ↔ A1{+, N... ...see Fig. 5) is placed within each imposed CSR switching state to always give the correct volt -sec average per half... As a generic rule, for lower (upper) dc-rail clamp- ing, state N2{N, −, −} (N1...

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