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  • Filter Capacitor Comparison
    Overview. RF Technology. SMP Cross Reference Guide. MDCX Electrical Test Report. MDHC Return Loss and Crosstalk. Test Reports. Solderless Filter Qualification. Mechanical Shock Test for Active Electro Optical Cable Assembly. ARINC 801 Qualification. MDCX Electrical. MDHC Return Loss. Transmission
  • The Impact of Conductor Surface Profile (Rrms) on Total Circuit Attenuation in Microstrip and Stripline
    (MMID). TacLamPLUS, MMID module, highgain antenna array, 60GHz. Read Abstract Download PDF. An Active High-Impedance Surface for Low-Profile Tunable and Steerable Antennas. RF-60A, artificial magnetic conductor, AMC, frequency selective surface, FSS, steerable antenna, tunable AMC. 2.36 - 2.82 GHz
  • Enhanced High-Frequency LTCC for RF and Microwave Packaging (.pdf)
    applications including advanced radar, antenna and filter applications. Recent work has shown that this material can also be successfully used to produce active devices that operate above 90 GHz.[1], [2]. The key attributes of A6M include its low and stable relative permittivity and low loss tangent
  • Thermal Modeling of Heat Sinks
    Heat sinks transfer generated heat in an electric system away from the active and passive electronic components and toward the ambient environment. This article describes thermal management via temperature distribution and heat flow simulation using CST MPHYSICS (R) STUDIO. Thermal Modeling of Heat
  • Waveguide Device Design Using XFdtd
    ”. Waveguide Cavity Filter. • Want bandpass filter for Ka band. • |S11| < -20 dB for f 27.5 GHz to. 28.3 GHz. • |S11| > -0.05 dB for f <27 GHz and. f >28.8 GHz. • Wil design filter device with iris. coupling windows and cavities. – Design parameters include window. size of irises and length of cavities
  • Phase Locked Loop Systems Design for Wireless Infrastructure Applications
    that designers can optimize the performance in a closed loop will be analyzed. Figure 5 Typical passive and active loop filters. Figure 6 Definition of the ABCD matrix and the relationship with the Z matrix. Figure 7 Series and parallel components in an ABCD matrix. Figure 5 shows typical passive and active
  • Evaluating pHEMT Process Improvements Using Wafer Level RF Tests
    To increase production capacity, improve the. performance of existing processes, and to introduce new,. more advanced process technologies, processes must be. evaluated using electrical tests. PCM's are used to. evaluate the active transistor and passive device. characteristics produced
  • Medical Device Link .
    effects on compliance with regard to two important EU directives: the Active Implantable Medical Devices Directive (90/385/EEC) and the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC), as well as CB Scheme requirements and related standards. While the phaseout date of the 1993 EN standard will be two years from now