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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
570 GLACIER-SHEEPSKI ASAP Semiconductor GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE Not Provided Not Provided
BG159 Global Industrial American Metalcraft Inc. Not Provided Glacier ™ Platter, 15x9, Rectangular, Rimmed, Bubble Glass, Green
33677 Global Industrial Gatorade Not Provided Gatorade Instant Powder, Glacier Freeze ™, 21 Oz, 32/Case
32486 Global Industrial Gatorade Not Provided Gatorade Wide Mouth - Glacier Freeze, 24/Case
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  • Glaciers of Kilimanjaro (.pdf)
    It is well known that the earth's polar ice caps are melting. However, it is not as well known that many alpine glaciers around the world are also shrinking. This shrinking is perhaps most dramatic in equatorial alpine glaciers such those that crown Mount Kilimanjaro. Though shrinkage of Mount
  • Major Greenland Glacier, Once Stable, Now Shrinking Dramatically
    Sheets, " SAN FRANCISCO One of the world 's fastest-moving glaciers is speeding up and retreating rapidly, a recent study has revealed. The finding has surprised scientists, because while the margins of the Jakobshavn (pronounced "yah-cub-SAH-ven ") Glacier had been slowly retreating from
  • 121596-Summaries_of_UCSC_t
    in rain or snow (defined by the weights of oxygen atoms in water molecules) changes in different regions. For instance, glaciers may lock up more light water, leaving heavier water in the sea. Paleoclimatologists can unmask past temperature fluctuations by detecting these subtle shifts in old layers
  • Stability Testing Meets QbD
    that India has climates ranging from alpine tundra and glaciers in the north to desert in the west to tropical regions in the southwest. Packaging and stability tests should take all these climatic variations into consideration. Central America and the Caribbean was the region discussed by Anabelle

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