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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SHC-16GF Digi-Key Essentra Components Cables, Wires - Management CLAMP SNAP-IT GLASS/NYLON
RK1TGGL13 PLC Radwell Lithonia Lighting, Lighting Accessories GLASS LENS APROX 12INCH DIA W/METAL CLAMP RING
RK1TGGL13 PLC Radwell Lithonia Lighting Lighting, Lighting Accessories GLASS LENS APROX 12INCH DIA W/METAL CLAMP RING
HCK-251GF National Microchip Richco Plastic Co Not Provided HOSE CLAMP KIT NYLON 6/6 GLASS
SHC-16-GF National Microchip Richco Plastic Co Not Provided CLAMP SNAP-IT GLASS/NYLON
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  • Tips for Maintaining and Improving Your Glass Conveying Line
    . However, the long center distances common in glass conveying systems often require more sophisticated alignment tools, such as lasers. One simple and inexpensive way to align elements is to place a laser-pointing device in the guide grove of one sprocket and direct the beam toward another to be checked
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Glass Factory
    Vac-U-Max - Portable vacuum makes a clean sweep. home corporate news case histories site map contact us login. PORTABLE VACUUM MAKES A CLEAN SWEEP. A glass panel manufacturer acquires a portable industrial vacuum to eliminate airborne dust. Case History. PDF Version. The model
  • Plastic Microfluidics Assembly with Lasers (.pdf)
    . The assembly is accomplished without adhesives, vibration, or the formation of particulate contamination. The laser mask-welding technology can create bond areas as narrow as 100 µm. To accomplish this, freely definable geometries are generated on a metal-coated glass using the photolithographic
  • Optical Fiber Array With Precise Fiber Positioning
    generally as shown in FIG. 18 and has each end held between projections 86 and an upstanding projection 87 between the two outer projections 86. Member 90 can be made of polymide coated optical fiber, glass fiber, monofilament fishline or similar materials with the proper diameter or polyimide
  • Conveyor Maintenance Guidelines
    For maximum productivity and efficiency it is very important that the key elements in a glass conveying system be properly installed and maintained. In this discussion, the key elements are those components that influence glass transport in most hot end and cold end conveying systems, including
  • Medical Device Link .
    features a glass transition temperature that allows parts to operate at temperatures of up to 260 oC. The 4435 grade,. MPB Bulletin Board (MDDI archive, Aug 02). Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry. Suppliers Archived
  • Techniques to Reduce Joint Relaxation in Fastened Joints
    material creep to some extent. For example, glass is a liquid and creeps over time. That is why an old glass window may show "waves" at the bottom of the window. The creep is most obvious and dramatic right after the force has been applied. In many tightening applications the majority of the creep
  • Medical Device Link .
    , plastic, silicone rubber, and glass. Product configurations include aqueous systems with spray, ultrasonic systems, and combination systems with low to high throughputs. Two- and three-part syringes, IV components, and devices for automated laboratory analysis can be processed on assembly and testing

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