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  • Application Note: Blood Alcohol Analysis (.pdf)
    with an internal standard and loaded into. Blood. Step 1. Hand Probe. Step 2. Step 3. Alcohol. 20mL head space vials. The samples are run on the GC and quantitated using a standard. Alcohol. Connector. Input. curve. The results are validated using a single point injection before and after the unknown. Receptacle
  • Medical Device Link . EMDM Industry News
    in the production of injection-moulded syringes and blow-moulded vials. Ticona has established US FDA drug and device master files for the USP Class VI material. An information package on the use of engineering plastics in medical technology is currently accessible on Ticona's Web site . The site
  • Application Note: Point Styles and Applications Reference
    . Manual GC Injection Syringes. Standard Injection. On-Column Injection. SampleLock Syringes. Purge and Trap Syringes. Life Science Syringes. Animal Injections. Neuros Syringe. Threaded Plunger Syringes. Pipette Controller. Micro Syringe Pipette. Instrument Syringes. Microlab 500 Syringes. Salt Line
  • Recovery of Complex Compounds with TOC: Cleaning Agents
    the stock. isolated ultrapure water loop containing ion-exchange. solutions into vials. Then each vial was filled with 20 mL. resin. The increase in conductivity imparted to the. of low-TOC water. Four sets of vials were created (20. ultrapure water loop is directly proportional to the CO2. vials
  • Medical Device Link .
    produces a lower volume and weight of medical waste compared with glass vials and plastic disposable syringes. This is a significant step forward in improving healthcare in developing nations. "We've developed an injection device that functions drastically differently from a piston syringe yet
  • A Validated Method of Direct Analysis: 13 Trace Elements Determination in Tea Infusions using the Agilent 7700x ICP-MS with Integrated Sample Introducing System in Discrete Sampling (ISIS-DS)
    . sample introduction system, which includes a MicroMist. to nebulizer. glass concentric nebulizer, quartz double pass spray chamber,. connector tube with dilution port, a quartz torch with a. ISTD mixing. P2. “tee”. 2.5-mm id and standard nickel cones. Discrete Sampling (DS). is performed with the ISIS
  • Medical Device Link .
    with most sterilization methods makes it suitable for use in the production of injection molded syringes and blow-molded vials. If you would like to learn more about the medical applications of Topas as well as Ticona's other materials, the company has posted a medical engineering section on its
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Composite trays Reinforced composite trays are compatible with a range of sterilization techniques. The trays are designed to hold vials and ampules and withstand the rigors of sterilization without distortion, creep, or degradation. By eliminating the need to re-tray the product between

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