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    DNA in the extracts was quan- tified spectrophotometrically using a NanoDrop ND- 1000 (NanoDrop Technologies ). … al. (2005), with 1 ng of template DNA and the primers 27f (5’AGA GTT TGA TCC TGG … Ten milliliter water samples were sealed in HCl- precleaned and precombusted (450°C, 6 h) glass ampoules using a portable propane torch .
  • Exposure of mice to arsenic and/or benzo[ a ]pyrene does not increase the frequency of Aprt‐deficient cells recovered from explanted skin of Aprt heterozygous ...
    50 -AGA CCT AGT GTT CCT AGC AAG TGT TG-30 ), which amplifies An Agilent 7500c ICP-MS (Agilent Technologies , Tokyo, Japan), equipped with a platinum shield torch , was used for the element-specific detection of 75 As. These samples were covered with watch glasses and kept on a hot plate to digest at 45–508C …
  • Fiberglass and Glass Technology
    5.2; Thermfact Montreal and GTT Technologies Aachen, (2004). R. Conradt, Thermochemistry and structure of oxide glasses . Keywords Glass melting · Plasma · Plasma glass melting · Plasma torches · Plasma electrodes · High …
  • Materials Processing Technology II
    In DSDAW process, because the two welding torches acted upon the both sides of the X-groove … Materials Processing Technology II From the extrusion temperature ( To ) to the glass transition temperature ( Tg ), there is no internal stress within … E L = 25ET G LT = 0.5ET GTT = 0.2 ET ν LT =ν TT = 0.25 .
  • Materials Processing and Manufacturing III
    … 2009 “woven filter cloth bubble Determination of points aperture” and enterprise interior standard GTT TM 017-2010 … Green Applied Fiber Technology Institute, Dalian Polytechnic University, Dalian 116034 [7] B.C. Ray,”Temperature effect during humid ageing on interfaces of glass and carbon fibers reinforced epoxy … Research on Welding Torch Swing Control System Based on DSP .
  • Progress in Environmental Protection and Processing of Resource
    1492R:5 ′-TAC GGY TAC CTT GTT ACG ACT T-3′ … putted into 1% sepharose gel, and test ed16 SrDNA sequence in Beijing liuhehuada genetic technology co., LTD. Samples were fully grinded , placed in the glass carrier and pressed to1mm before analysis. The center temperature of plasma torch is up to 2-3 million degrees, and the edge temperature …
  • Mechanical and Electrical Technology IV
    For GTT membrane type of NO96 system, the insulation consists of two thin tiers of membrane layer … Mechanical and Electrical Technology IV In welding, the applied heat through the welding torch is lost by conduction, convection and radiation. … V. have done experimental studies on the impact behavior of plain weave E- glass –epoxy laminates with …
  • Advances in Chemistry Research II
    … CCT TAT CAT TTA G-3′ In-ITS-3′R: 5′-GAC TCG ATG GTT CAC GGG ATT … Keywords: Theabrownin (TB); Black tea; Extract technology ; Chemical constitution; Biological activity. To form gigaseals, individual FRT cell surfaces were touched with a 5MΩ glass pipette with gentle suction … Department of biomedicine, Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic , Zhongshan,Guangdong , 528437,China .
  • Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics
    … in the plane perpendicular to the fibres (plane of isotropy) was estimated as GTT ¼ 45 GPa … Tables 1 and 2 show reduction of the longitudinal modulus in glass /epoxy cross-ply [0=90 … … In-situ damage evolution and micro/macro transition for laminated compos- ites’’, Composites Science and Technology 47:107. … to fracture by an appropriate heating source, including laser, quartz lamp, shaped heating element, and gas torch .
  • Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering
    … the working table moving on the OXY plane in the deposition process, plasma torch moved along components … … and output of system as the substitute for the simulation analysis, the approximate technology can save the … It is match to the phenomenon that the glass -transition temperature ( GTT ) of ageing sample moves to high temperature.