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  • Edible Medicinal and Non-Medicinal Plants
    ...and packaging boxes, canes and sticks, household implements plates, bowls, cups handles, gavels, glass holders, candle holder... The midrib was used to string oil-rich nuts, such as candlenut (Aleurites moluccana), for torches . Sterols, triterpenoids and terpenoid hydrocarbons could be also potentially useful side products should recovery technology became available. Both the tocotrienol-enhanced fraction (TEF), g-tocotrienol ( GTT ) groups, but not the a-tocopherol (ATF) group...
  • Handbook of Corrosion Inhibitors
    ...Irritating to eyes, skin, and resp. tract; TSCA listed Precaution: Combustible; wear safety glasses , suitable respirator when... ...solvent in cosmetics; octane booster in gasoline; as fuel for picnic stoves, soldering torches ; extractant for animal/veg... ...Ind.; Arizona http: //; Ashland Hercules Water Technologies http: //www.ashland... ... Trade Names: Standart® Zinc AT; Standart® Zinc GTT ; Zinc Dust 44...
  • Ryan's Ballistic Trauma
    ...a bullet passes through an intermediary object, before penetrating a body, fragments of glass and even bullet... ...position/specialty of the practitioner, and at night, they should have reflectors and a torch , pref- erably a... The focus of these developments has been wide ranging, however of particular use to pre-hospital practitioners has been the introduction of tech- nologies and equipment that focus on treating the ABC of the injured ballistic casualty. ...80 kg patient, adjusting the drip rate to 1 drop per second (1 gtt /s) will result...
  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
    Glass plates 43 cm Visualize the DNA bands initially with a handheld dual wavelength UV torch in the dark room (see... Based on this platform, the CCM technology theoretically estab- lishes the simplest chemical means to detect mismatch... ...type-specific molecular beacon is 5' FAM-CGC ACC TCT GGT CTG AAG GTT TAT T GGT...
  • Industrial Chemical Thesaurus
    ...PVC, rubber, cellulosics, paint; white pigment for paints and plastics; opacifier for ceramics, glass , porcelain, glazes; staining... ...shield for drawing silicon and germanium crystals; lasers; Geiger-counting tubes; plasma-jet torches ; doping semiconductors; carrier... ...plastics and composites Trade Names Containing: Az-Cup MC ‡[Ashland Hercules Water Technologies http://www.ashland... Trade Names: Standart® Lack/Lac E 900; Standart® Lack/Lac GTT ; Standart® Lack/Lac K 900; Standart® Lack/Lac L 900...
  • Fiberglass and Glass Technology
    ...cantly lower capital costs • It is highly flexible in converting from one glass composition to another... ...4 million BTU/ton, but both projects suffered from the lack of a reliable DC electrical torch design. Most recently, Plasmelt Glass Technologies has completed a DOE-sponsored project in which the torch design and... 5.2; Thermfact Montreal and GTT Technologies Aachen, (2004).
  • Laboratory Protocols in Fungal Biology
    PPE such as coats, gowns, gloves, masks, face shields, safety glasses 3. Constrict ampoules to diameter of 2–3 mm• using an air/gas torch with horizontal flame preventing overheating of... During the last few decades great advances have been made in molecular diagnostic technology , especially in the... CTT GTT CCC CGA GAT GAC CA Ver1 .
  • Prion Protein Protocols
    ...solution of probe. c. 50µl of stock solution is aliquoted into a small glass test tube, dried... ICP-MS 4500 Serie 300 Shield Torch System (Agilent Technologies , Palo Alto, CA) containing an ASX 500-autosampler (Cetac Technologies, Omaha, NE). ...are 5'-CTA TGC ACT CAT TCA TTA TGC-3' (forward) and 5'- GTT TTC CAG TGC...
  • Riboswitches
    Resuspend the pellet thoroughly by a glass homogenizer in Dry the slides and slips using compressed air and pass them through a torch flame to remove... Short DNA templates (up to 100 bp) can be purchased from Integrated DNA Tech- nologies ( HSE oligonucleotides: GCC TCG AAT GTT CGC GAA GTT TCG and its reverse complement (IDT DNA Tech...
  • Helicases
    Here we provide a basic glass cleaning protocol, though several protocols may be suitable for single-molecule... Burn the slides with propane torch on each side for 30 s. 30 or 50 biotinylated oligonucleotides (Integrated DNA technol- ogies ,IDT). 50 -GC GAT ATA CAT ATG GGT TCT GTT GTT ATT GTT GGT AGA ATT ATT TTA...
  • DNA Repair Protocols
    Glass microscope slides (2.5 × 7.5 cm2) and sterile glass cover slips (2 × 2... Access to oxyacetylene torch . Carrier DNA: Because PCR technology has been developed to amplify as few as one sequence in a... ...of N-ras: 3.1nB (5'-Bio- tinylated): 5'-CAG CAA GAA CCT GTT GGA AAC CAG...
  • Molecular Toxicology Protocols
    We normally use 1-cm-thick Perspex or glass shielding between the operator and the source material... Torch for tube sealing (oxyacetylene-type preferred). Mitchell, D. L. (1996) Radioimmune assay of DNA damaged by ultraviolet light, in Tech- nologies for Detection of DNA Damage and Mutation (Pfeifer, G., ed.), Plenum, New York, pp. 73–85. Sequencing shows that, in ACFs, GAT mutants are as frequent as GTT mutations in codon 12, whereas...

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