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  • Space-Borne Filters
    PICARD is an investigation dedicated to the simultaneous measurement of the absolute total and spectral solar irradiance, the diameter and solar shape, and to the Sun's interior probing by the helioseismology method. These measurements obtained all along the mission will allow the study
  • Artificial Grass Yarns - Improving Sports Performance
    ” for the inner and outer filter. This so called “Daylight Filter System” is the most common combination. for weathering tests providing a perfect match to global solar radiation. Atlas Weather-Ometer®. Laboratory Accelerated Weathering Ensuring that the grass. stays green is key
  • From Earth to Mars--Carbon Dioxide Crystals Help Interplanetary Studies
    , and relatively moderate climate, is more like Earth than any other body in our solar system. Many scientists believe Mars holds a key to answering questions about the geologic and climatic history of the Earth. Over the next decade, the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) will investigate Mars
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    that are asynchronous or require radiation hardening or have huge gate counts. Study finds China directing standards China is no longer content with just being the world's pre-eminent manufacturer: it is increasingly active in the development of global technology standards, Deloitte & Touche LLP finds
  • Preparing Agriculture for a Changing World
    The Greenhouse Effect Solar radiation passes though the atmosphere and warms the Earth's surface. Some is reflected back into the atmosphere and dissipates into space. The greenhouse effect refers to an accumulation of specific gases that absorb the reflected radiation, effectively trapping
  • Hubble Observations Shed New Light on Jupiter Collision
    . Cosmology. Exotic. Galaxy. Miscellaneous. Nebula. Solar System. Star. Star Cluster. Survey. More Browse Options. Press Resources. Stay Connected. Share. News Release Archive: News Release 782 of 909 Back to entire. collection Next. release Previous. release. September 29, 1994 12:00 AM (EDT). News
  • V-Cone Flow Meter Solves Nuclear Underwater Measurement Problem
    Red River Valley more than 80 years ago. It evolved into a global potato production, sales and service company and industry leader. In combination with its own farms and a network of contracted growers across the USA, Black Gold has 20,000 acres in production and is the nation 's largest supplier
  • Selecting Cabling and Connectors for Industrial Ethernet Applications (.pdf)
    and connectors be subject to any of the following?. Shock and vibration. Metallic shavings and filings. Crushing, pulling. Humidity. Bending or twisting. Solar radiation. Dust and dirt. Electrostatic discharge. Water, oils, chemicals. Radiated RF. Corrosive gasses. EMI. Temperature extremes. Electrical