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  • Berg Steel Pipe: Multiple-Wire Welding Creates High Productivity and Quality
    seam tacking system as well as inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD) pipe welding stations that use multiple wire welding techniques. Berg Steel Pipe and Multiple-Wire Welding | Lincoln Electric. Live Chat. Lincoln Worldwide. Ask the Experts. Distributor Locator. Contact Us. Login/Register
  • Hard Automation Welding Options for Wind Power Industry
    Guns. Torches. Welding Gear. Robotic Automation. Orbital Systems. Weld Fume Control. Accessories. Training Equipment. Wire Delivery Products. New and Featured Equipment. Retail Products. International Products. Consumables. Stick Electrodes. MIG Wires and TIG Cut Lengths. Metal-Cored Wires
  • Phoenix International: New Process for Welding Aluminum Underwater
    Welders. Multi-Process Welders. Advanced Process Welders. Multi-Operator Welders. Engine Driven Welders. Semiautomatic Wire Feeders. Submerged Arc Welders. Submerged Arc Wire Feeders. Plasma Cutters. Welding Guns. Torches. Welding Gear. Robotic Automation. Orbital Systems. Weld Fume Control. Accessories
  • MIG Welding Guide
    IG Welding (GMAW or Gas Metal Arc Welding) — An arc welding process which joins metals by heating them with an arc. The arc is between a continuously fed filler metal (consumable) electrode and the workpiece. Externally supplied gas or gas mixtures provide shielding. Common MIG welding is also
  • Metal Inert Gas Process (MIG)
    The Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), process is commonly known as the Metal Inert Gas Process (MIG). MIG welding is also referred to as short circuit transfer. In the MIG arc welding process, metal parts are joined by melting base and filler metals with an arc struck between a consumable filler metal
  • Cotterman Company - Lincoln Electric Robotic System 55 A Story of Collaborative Excellence
    Controller. Lincoln Electric Power Wave® 455M Robotic power source for pulse or standard CV-type MIG GMAW. Lincoln Electric AutoDrive® Series wire drive for .035” (0.9 mm) diameter solid wire electrode. SuperArc® L-50 bulk welding wire.  . Side A of Lincoln Electric Automation’s System 55 robotic

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