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  • Ring Gages-Image
    Ring Gages - (132 companies)
    ...of tolerance grades in metric and English dimensions for master, setting or working applications. Rings are available in plain (smooth, unthreaded), threaded, cylindrical and tapered forms to go, no-go or nominal tolerances. There are three main types... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Snap Gages-Image
    Snap Gages - (65 companies)
    These gages are set to go and no-go tolerances. A snap gages ' go contact dimensions are based on the maximum tolerance of the round bar, thickness or part feature being gaged. No-go contact dimensions are based on the minimum tolerance of the round... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Plug and Pin Gages-Image
    Plug and Pin Gages - (194 companies)
    ...dimensions or locations to specific tolerances. There are several basic types of products. Go gauges and no-go gauges are fixed limit gauges with gauging limits based on the plus or minus tolerances of inspected parts. Go gauge dimensions are based... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Masters and Setting Gages-Image
    Masters and Setting Gages - (103 companies)
    ...setting discs and other setting gages are used to calibrate production functional gages for go / no-go assessment compared to specified tolerance. Setting plugs are used for assessment of hole and slot dimensions or locations compared to specified... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gage Blocks-Image
    Gage Blocks - (122 companies)
    ...and comparative gages. Rectangular, square, wear, scribing and angle gage blocks are available in hardened steel, carbide and ceramic materials. Tolerance grades range from Lab Master or Grade 0.5 (AAA) blocks with +/- 1 micro-inches tolerances... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Dimensional Gages and Instruments - (1218 companies)
    ...production volume, gaging conditions, and dimensional tolerance requirements. Important specifications for dimensional gages and instruments include range and resolution. Some dimensional gages and instruments display measurements according to the English... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Thread Gages - (187 companies)
    ...for gaging taper pipe threads. Notches or external steps indicate maximum and minimum allowable tolerances. Tolerance classes for thread gages include Class XX, Class X, Class Y, Class Z, Class ZZ and thread Class W. Measurement Units. Measurement units... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Air Gages - (110 companies)
    ...or locations against specified tolerances. Air rings are also production-quality, functional gauges, but are used for evaluating specified tolerances of the dimensions or attributes of pins, shafts, or threaded studs. Air gaging systems or stations are large... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Bore and ID Gages - (204 companies)
    ...or other external (OD) gage. Alternately, the hole or slot gage can be set and used to check if a hole is above or below a specific size or tolerance. Indicating bore gages are gaging devices for comparative measurements where the linear movement... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tubing - (2521 companies)
    ...for tubes are based on the outside diameter. This pdf from Orbimatic provides a list of some standard tube sizes. Manufacturers will often provide tolerances alongside size tube dimensions, which define the possible measurement variation to +/- a certain... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...plate for a ship. Cutting 10 gauge (.125") 5086 Aluminum, P/N Ring Guide, Note: the precision for locating the part inside a blank of material is just big enough to capture the part. Photo courtesy Pegasus Northwest. Waterjet Operator Jon Whitmer cuts screw holes in sheets of decorative aircraft...

...affect the hole size. Undersized holes will not pass Go/No-Go pin gauge testing....

...for paired wires capable of transmitting to 100 MHz, are typical. A 24-gauge wire, approximately 0.020 in., receives an insulation of 0.0065 in. with outside diameter (OD) tolerances of +-0.0001 in. Specifications further require a minimum concentricity (minimum wall/ maximum wall) of >=95%. Almost...

...achieved market success, by replacing some of the unit's metal parts with plastic. Triggered by a push button, the device uses a plunger to force liquid through an orifice one-third smaller than the diameter of a 30-gauge needle. The high-velocity microjet penetrates the skin with little discomfort...

Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Research and development, technology transfer, and manufacturing departments may go by different names, but all three functions are involved in the development of a new process or the improvement of an existing one. The "smarter" companies develop a process up...

) competition go to medical devices that exemplify the highest standards for healthcare products. This year�s four winners in the IVD category are no exception. The MDEA competition is the premier awards program for the medical technology community. Winning products in this year?s competition...

Events Calendar. Products. Expanded Metals. Expanded Plastics. FAQs. Applications. Aircraft Lightning Strike Protection. Battery Electrodes. Electrochemistry and Fuel Cells. Filter Media and Media Support. EMI/RFI Shielding. Electric Heating Elements. High Currency Resistors - Load Banks. Heavy Gauge...

...complex structures Complex three-dimensional structures can be created from small-gauge metal tubing using a company's proprietary microfabrication process. The N uetch process produces spiral slots, straight slots, and holes as well as complex ribbed, surface-recessed, and serpentine patterns...

...continued process. side diameters on the. monitoring using sim-. shop floor. They also. Go. Not go. ple measurement. plug gauge. plug gauge. can be used for inside. tools and procedures. diameters, depths and. The basic inspec-. Maximum. Minimum. grooves. The most. material. material. tion chart, however...

...goal. For. gage is the way to go. An air snap is a very limited range snap. example, if the total tolerance spread is +/-0.0005 in., the. gauge—general y with 0.003 in. total measuring range—but. smal est increment displayed on the gage should be 0.000050. one that can get performance resolution...

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