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    Snap Gages - (65 companies)
    ...have a set of sequential gaps for go / no-go gaging of product thickness or diameter. Fixed limit snap gages are factory set or are otherwise not adjustable by the user. A common example of this type of device is the AGD fixed limit style snap gage... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Plug and Pin Gages-Image
    Plug and Pin Gages - (194 companies)
    ...dimensions or locations to specific tolerances. There are several basic types of products. Go gauges and no-go gauges are fixed limit gauges with gauging limits based on the plus or minus tolerances of inspected parts. Go gauge dimensions are based... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Dimensional Gages and Instruments-Image
    Dimensional Gages and Instruments - (1218 companies)
    ...that are typically available in bench top or floor mounted configurations. Go/no-go, functional, and attribute gages are precision tools for comparative gaging based on fixed limits. Indicators and comparators include a precision spindle whose linear... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Air Gages-Image
    Air Gages - (110 companies)
    ...or gauge heads, are also used in conjunction with other gauges, and connect to remote displays, readouts, or analog amplifiers. Test indicators and comparators are instruments for comparative measurements where the linear movement of a precision... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Bore and ID Gages-Image
    Bore and ID Gages - (204 companies)
    Gages. Electronic gauges use LVDT, capacitance, inductive or other electronic probes to sense the distance or displacement of a contact or stylus.  Mechanical gages such as micrometers, plug gages, and snap gages may employ an integral electronic probe... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Hooks - (298 companies)
    Hooks are load-transmitting components that are most often used in conjunction with chains and other equipment. Products are designated as eye hooks, clevis hooks, or grab hooks and are used to connect lifting and rigging attachments. Learn More
  • Snap Fasteners - (57 companies)
    Snap fasteners or snaps are mechanical fasteners that close or lock with a clicking or snapping sound. Snap Fasteners Information. Snap fasteners or snaps are mechanical fasteners that close or lock with a clicking or snaping sound. There are two... Learn More
  • Snap Action Switches - (145 companies)
    Description. Snap action switches are mechanical switches that produce a very rapid transfer of contacts from one position to another. They are useful in situations that require a fast opening or closing of a circuit, such as a mouse button... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pressure Gauges - (1203 companies)
    ...differ. Image Credit: sensorsmag. Compound pressure gauges can display positive and negative pressure readings. Liquid Filled- Liquid filled gauges are filled with a liquid such as glycerin or silicone oil to protect the gauge from the harmful... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Retaining Rings and Snap Rings - (281 companies)
    Description. Retaining rings and snap rings are fasteners used to axially position a component on a shaft or in a bore. Types. The primary retaining ring type can be internal or external. Internal retaining rings fit into a housing or bore. External... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...for even the most featureless planes. In low light, your shots appear on the LCD display illuminated with infrared - and you can snap the picture that way, for that night-vision look, or stick with full color. When taking flash pictures, the camera prevents over- and underexposures by firing twice...

...prototype.”. part to create a 3D image in the computer. We import that. model into our CAD system, SolidWorks, modify it to hold. “Once the prototypes are fi nalized we can go right into pro-. the gauge, and send the 3D CAD model to Protomold.”. duction. Before rapid injection molding our choice were...

...goal. For. gage is the way to go. An air snap is a very limited range snap. example, if the total tolerance spread is +/-0.0005 in., the. gauge—general y with 0.003 in. total measuring range—but. smal est increment displayed on the gage should be 0.000050. one that can get performance resolution...

...regulator, and content gauge. The Grab n Go III was designed to simplify the administration of portable medical oxygen while improving safety through the elimination of exposure. to high-pressure gas connections. The precision-machined unit has fewer parts than a conventional portable oxygen...

...silicone umbrella valve is supplied for controlling the flow of air or fluids. The flexible valve contains an attachment pin that enables fast and easy snap-fit installation. PressCut Industries, 2828 Nagle St., Dallas, TX 75220. Surgical Tubing Made of composite material A composite tubing...

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