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  • Tungsten vs. Gold: Battle of the Biomaterials
    implants. More. grinding, and machining, in. specifically, gold plated. tungsten wire is commonly used. order to maintain the integrity. in fluoroscopic and cauterization. of the material while achieving. applications, as guide wires and. probes, and in such procedures. as endovascular intervention
  • General Characteristics of DFT (R) Composite Wire (.pdf)
    . DFT wire enables the unique ability to match dissimilar. materials to provide a variety of properties in a single wire. Core. Tubing. Material. Materials. system. This technology can be utilized by the engineer to. resolve technical issues cost effectively. Gold. 35N LT®. Silver. MP35N®. Fig. 1
  • An Investigation of Diverse Surface Finishes on Fatigue Properties of Superelastic Nitinol Wire (.pdf)
    : As = -. captured at 200x and 2000x respectively. Visually these wires. 19.84°C; Ap = -11.84°C; Af = -5.71°C. Nitinol round wires. have a smooth, diamond drawn surface typically gold to. were cold worked from 2.16 mm to 0.323 mm with nominally. brown in color. 45% reduction in area, or cold work, on the final
  • Medical Device Link .
    with soldered, crimped, or gold-plated contacts. Colder Products Co. GmbH. Couplings made with an ABS material provide medical device OEMs with nonspill functionality in a component that withstands gamma sterilization. Introduced by Colder Products Company GmbH (Gross Gerau, Germany), the NS4 ABS
  • Medical Device Link .
    an unacceptable scratch in the finished wire. The ultrafine gold alloy wire is then delivered to Interventional Technologies, which winds it into a coil and converts it into the guidewire tip. CFW worked closely with Interventional Technologies to determine the purity required for the process while respecting
  • Medical Device Link .
    Spotlight on Cables, Connectors, and Wires Connectors in a series combine 2 to 19 gold-plated contacts in a 14.5-mm-diam plug, allowing for a high signal density and a reliable signal path. The 4032 connector series offers IP68 protection for wet environments. Suited for miniature equipment
  • Medical Device Link .
    is displaced, allowing fine, gold-plated wires to be held in contact with pads on a substrate. The 0.05-mm diam standard wires are bonded to a. MPMN: Products. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry. Suppliers Archived Articles
  • Medical Device Link .
    amounts of metal from the surfaces of medical devices made from tungsten a pure metal that is the main ingredient in its probe needles. Additional metals used in probe needles include tungsten rhenium, beryllium-copper, and a palladium-platinum-gold alloy. "We have introduced some of these metals

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