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Parts by Number for Gold Detector Circuit Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
5962-8957201EC   Avago Technologies Optocouplers The DSCC SMD 5962-8957201EC is a high reliability Class H two channel hermetically sealed high CMR line receiver optocoupler in a 16-Pin DIP ceramic package with gold plated leads. Solder dipped leads and various lead form options are also available. See the datasheet for details. The product...
HCPL-576K   Avago Technologies Optocouplers The HCPL-576K is a single channel hermetically sealed voltage/current threshold detection optocoupler in an 8-Pin ceramic DIP package with gold plated leads and the highest level of reliability, Class K. Solder dipped leads and various lead form options are also available. See the datasheet...

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  • Mixer and Detector Diodes
    AND DETECTOR DIODES. Diode Cross-Section. Schottky Barrier Diode Capacitance. The following picture shows a cross-section of a typical beam-. The total capacitance of a Schottky diode is: lead Schottky diode. CT = CJ + Cov + CP. Cathode N-Type Diode. Anode N-Type Diode. where. Gold Beam. Barrier
  • Application of Fast Response Dual-Colour Pyroelectric Detectors with Integrated Op Amp in a Low Power NDIR Gas Monitor (.pdf)
    . In order to demonstrate the advantages of the new detector concept, the LIM 262 was used in a low power. CO2 gas monitor. The configuration and the block diagram are shown in Fig. 7 and 8. A gold plated gas cell. (slitted tube) was used that has an absorption path length of 5 cm. A miniature
  • Solid State Relays Overview and Applications
    electrodes are connected to a fine gold wire to the lead, which becomes a terminal. (The procedure. is called wire bonding.) Then as regards face-to-face type, the LED and PVD are covered with transparent silicone. rubber to form an optical path. This is put into a furnace for hardening and then molded
  • Medical Device Link .
    time, is not justified. Consequently, four-slice scanners will likely be the gold standard at least for the next two to three years. The primary goal will be to build customer acceptance and, ultimately, demand for these products. Manufacturers will do this by framing the four-slice scanner
  • Fusion welding joins dissimilar metals in a flash
    using controlled short circuits. Here's a manufacturing challenge: attach a flat gold-plated copper connector to a massive gold-plated copper bus. The obvious approach, mechanical fasteners, tend to be costly and unreliable. Resistance welding won't work and brazing compromises the copper's
  • Analytical techniques
    sensor in the oxygen analyser operates on the same principle as a lead acid battery. The cathode of the electrochemical cell is made of gold and the anode of lead. A weak acid is used as an electrolyte. At the cathode, the oxygen entering from the sample gas, is absorbed electrochemically; a process
  • Review of Sensor Technologies Used in Personal Safety Instruments
    where the atmospheric hazards are unknown. The most common type of MOS sensor consists of a sintered metal oxide (tin, zinc or iron) film on an alumina tube, which surrounds a heater coil. Two gold electrodes are applied to the ends of the oxide-coated tube. This entire sensing element is enclosed
  • Medical Device Link .
    preparation. For toxic airborne gases, inorganic sensor materials such as tin oxide, gold, platinum, and semiconductors are used for in-line measurements. These chemical sensors can react quickly to their selected targets and provide a convenient electrical output. However, there is no way to detect

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